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THE Best Black Forest Cakes in KL

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Ever fancy the link of fairy tales to black forest cake? As in the Hansel & Gretel in candy house, the magical sweet taste of various mouth watery ingredients? Of course, the Germany Black Forest is not the same fantasy on the nice fluffy moist chocolate black forest cake we are having in KL. The black forest gateau here is a lot more creative with our talents on inventing new taste based on all the varieties of ingredients. Not too sweet and the just nice nutrients, we are presenting you with our variants of black forest cake. With the skills of the best bakers in KL come the best black forest cake in KL. Eat Cake Today presents you with a few choices of black forest cakes:

Black Forest Cake 6"

Little brother encountered first a Valrhona chocolate sponge black forest cake layered with whipped cream and dark cherries.

3 Layers Blackforest Cake

Petite sister at the meantime got a moist Blackforest chocolate cake with buttercream layer and chocolate waves topping.

Black Forest Cake 8"

The siblings then ate together a cake of dark chocolate sponge, mousse and Morello cherries sauce fillings topped with light Chantilly cream.

Blackforest Cake Bites

They can't resist the moist bite size chocolate cake which is topped with buttercream and berry.

Blackforest Cake

Of course, there are chocolate sponge black forest cakes with milk chocolate mousse, sprinkling of chocolate shavings. Choices of non-alcoholic or alcoholic options available .

Black Forest Cake

The Blackforest cake with a layer of 2/3 cocoa Belgian chocolate mousse, vanilla mousse topping blended with maraschino red cherries complementing their candy house venture.

Blackforest Ice Cream Cake 8"

Before leaving, the smooth texture black forest ice-cream cake and its crumbles on top is cooling for their anxious appetite.

One may or may not live happily ever after as in a modern city life. But rest assure that we at eatcaketoday will always apply the state of art techniques to give you the best black forest birthday cake for your birthday party, the best black forest cake for any other occasions within our promised 4 hour delivery on the same day. And not forgetting the delicious black forest taste of childhood memory too.. 

For more Blackforest varieties, goto https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/blackforest-cakes

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