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Swich Cafe

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Back in the day where there weren’t many bakers testing the waters of creating desserts with tropical fruits, Swich was slowly but surely starting a quiet trend that has since formed into a massive movement of Malaysian pride through their baked concoctions.

Though Swich began making its mark in the HP Tower, most of us only came to hear about Swich when they set up a base in Publika. With their bestselling Cempedak Tutti Fruitti cake voted as one of the “Best Things We’ve Eaten in 2012” by TimeOut KL, it was no wonder that Swich had us flocking to their humble space in Publika out of pure curiousity, especially when a barrage of Red Velvets ruled the chillers of the bake scene. And by the first bite of sweet jackfruit cream on a light sponge cake, everyone knew that Swich would be a game-changer.

Since then, Swich has got us trying slices upon slices of amazing local flavors. The Mangosteen cake is a soft and aromatic sponge cake with a generous frosting of mangosteen cream, topped with fresh mangosteen segments. The Avocado Cheesecake is a unique twist on a comforting favorite, with the airy addition of avocado mousse. The Aphrodite cake will brighten the day of any pomegranate lover, fragrant with just the right hint of tang. And there’s no saying no to the variations of Musang King desserts, from Swich’s Musang King Cendol Cheesecake, to the Musang King Mud Pie, to a Musang King Trifle!

Swich cafes can be found at Atria Shopping Gallery and Publika.

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