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Pablo Cheesetart Malaysia

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Cheese tarts have been oozing a delicious trail of a reputation all around Asia, and one of the most anticipated chains has finally made a home out of Malaysia. With its first takeaway kiosk strategically placed in 1Utama, Pablo Cheese Tart, a popular brand originating from Osaka, has been filled to the brim with daily queues aplenty.

Known for their delicious molten centres and crisp shells, Pablo Cheese Tarts come in a huge 15cm by diameter serving, and are surprisingly light without the overwhelming sensation of of cheese. In addition to the lightness, the texture on these addictive tarts is as smooth as the experience of indulging in one. For a denser and smaller version, opt for the mini Pablo’s, filled with a stronger portion of cheese that will satisfy both sweet and salty cravings at the same time. Pablo also sells variations of the classic tart, such as the Chocolate Cheese Tart and the newly introduced Matcha Cheese Tart. These variations also include Pablo’s Classic Cheese Tart blended drink, as well as snack like Pablo’s Choco Crunch in Cheese Tart flavor, and Pablo’s Crunchy Cheese Tart cookies.

For now, the queue around Pablo Cheese Tarts at 1Utama’s Old Wing still spans a pretty hefty length, so if you prefer the finer things in life a whole lot easier.

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