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Frost & Flourish

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It’s one thing to declare that you love to bake; it’s another to take that love of baking and make a business flourish out of a simple notion. Sophia Foo’s journey did not begin smoothly, but one small order of cupcakes and macarons by a family member led the path to success, and soon, Frost & Flourish emerged.

Frost & Flourish operates from home, and has garnered a huge fanbase on Instagram thanks to Sophia’s talent and keen eye for creating incredible works of arts that taste as good as they look. From cascading bouquet cakes, to mouthwatering ganache drippings adorned with floral and fruit wreaths, Frost & Flourish churns up as many as 40 cakes a week, each as beautiful as the next. The menu includes The King, master of Frost & Flourish’s success and a popular bestseller which features classic Elvis flavors: bananas and chocolate chunks in a light sponge cake frosted with peanut butter buttercream. Durian lovers should get acquainted with the Durian Snow, a vanilla sponge cake filled with fresh durian flesh and durian Chantilly cream coated with coconut flakes. There’s also the Kaya Toast cake, Sophia’s whimsical take on a local favorite with light kaya cream and customizable toppings. And for those who love a little zest, the Lemon Curd cheesecake will give you a refreshing slice of that amazing dessert life!

For more impressive masterpieces, follow Frost & Flourish on Instagram @frostandflourish, or order up one of Sophia’s amazing cakes via Eat Cake Today!

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Sweetest sweetness

I ordered this for my family for pre-raya celebration. The gula coating sweetness hitting level 10 straight to your head, so as the aromatic flavourful pandan cake burst in your mouth. I would prefer sweetness of cream reduced for healthier & bigger bite. Overall still loving it!

Earl Grey Cake 6" FREE Balloon

Sangat sedap , wangi daun pandan dan lembut..

The tastiest carrot cake

Have been repeating this order few times. Never a miss in my household. Superb!

Nice/soft/not to sweet… overroll.. very good