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Cheesecakes by Cat and The Fiddle

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Cat & The Fiddle is the story of a big cat that came out to play, and grew his business in that same playful way.  Daniel Tay, founder and chef of this whimsical brand, is no stranger to the bake scene. Having established renowned pastry chain Bakerzin (SG) and subsequently selling it, Daniel moved on to bringing his next idea into reality: Singapore’s first online cake shop specializing in gourmet cheesecakes.

Daniel introduces this unique brand to the masses as a character to adore. Cat, its main mascot, is a frisky black cat that discovered his love for cheese, and frolics in this newfound adoration with his little friends. Customers get to enjoy the likes of the Caribbean Surfari, an exotic pineapple and coconut cheesecake, and the Milo Dinosaur, Cat & The Fiddle’s behemoth take on the much-loved local concoction, as well as the King Cat of the Mountain, a creamy and deliciously pungent cake made with fresh Mao Shang Wang durian. Fans of traditional flavors can opt for Over the Moon, a classic New York cheesecake, or the Apple of My Eye, an apple crumble treat with tinges of cinammon and nutmeg, or even Naughty and Nice, a devilishly decadent chocolate cheesecake that will entice any chocolate lover.

With 17 cheesecakes on their menu for the ordering, Cat & The Fiddle provides customers with not just a diverse selection of its specialty, but also the unusually charming ability to customize each order to its best potential. Optional add-ons are suggested, and includes greeting tags for various occassions, special candles that burn a colored flame, stencils to create your own stencil dusting on the cake, as well as disposable plates and cutleries for convenient indulging. Needless to say, this cat’s fiddling with more than our appetite for the good things in life!

Cat & The Fiddle is now available on Eat Cake Today. Check out what this fancy feline has to offer here!

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Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookie Cake

Not too sweet and very moist! Love it!

Delicious! (but)

My colleagues and I loved the bite size cakes as it wasn't too sweet or too salty. The chocolate cake itself has that local taste and texture to it, paired with the buttercream on top, it was delicious! However, I noticed that height of the cake decreases at the sides, as if there is a lack of batter. And the size can be bigger for the price (roughly RM 3 a bite, fyi). Would think twice buying this again, even if it was very addictive...

Sour+sweet+salty taste
But really punctual.... Deliver on time...well done


Great thin crust, flavourful cream.


Everyone in the office loved it