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Tiny Temptress

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From aesthetically pleasing colors to appetizing creations that stir the heart, soul, and belly, Tiny Temptress is a bigger reckoning than one would expect from its moniker. First serving locals online back in 2013, Wendy Loh, a meticulously detailed and determined individual with a fondness for the sweet made it a mission to bake her dreams into reality, starting with the simple goal of baking a perfect batch of macarons. Now, Tiny Temptress has grown from online business to two outposts, with the original in Sri Petaling, and a small enclave in Bangsar.

Tiny Temptress lures customers in with adorably crafted desserts and a whimsical flair for presentation that will have cameras snapping way before the eating can even begin. But it does not surrender itself to being visually appealing alone. One of the “bear necessities” of a visit to Tiny Temptress is the domed chocolate mousse cake; sophisticated notes of passionfruit and Oolong tea playfully hidden within the cute shape of a bear will lull you into sweet submission. Next on the list of cute overload is the ever-popular Choux Au Craqueline, a classic French cream puff transformed into an endearing peepling made of mango cream cheese and orange sauce in a crunchy pastry. Lady B, on the other hand, brings the menu back to sexy seduction, with raspberry mousseline and basil mousse on a joconda sponge slice coated in Belgium white chocolate. And then there’s the bestselling ensemble, aptly dubbed The Temptress, a beautifully inclined tart filled with raspberry curd, chocolate glaze, white chocolate rose whip and baked almond cream, topped with the brand’s signature hint of edible gold.

Of course, you cannot leave without having a taste of where the journey first began, with a selection of macarons. Tiny Temptress has a range of classic flavors, such as Belgian Dark Chocolate, Lychee Rose, and Orange Milk Chocolate. However, it’s the collection of premium macarons that take the cake, with the oh-so-adorable Salted Egg Yolk macaron with salted egg yolk ganache leading the race. Tiny Temptress also releases limited edition themed macarons that are on-point with yearly celebrations and the ocassional trend, like the recent Pokemon craze.

To check out what Tiny Temptress has to offer, visit www.tinytemptress.com!

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