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Xiao by Crustz

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If you’re dessert game is strong, Xiao by Crustz will be as familiar a mention as the mere notion of dessert. This renowned establishment is a true labor of love and mark of success for Xiao-ly, a young but incredibly masterful pastry maker with a skillful finesse well beyond her age.

A patisserie that caters to lovers of French-inspired concoctions, Xiao churns out stunning and elaborate creations that have gained a massive fanbase over the years, from the formation of its online presence, to the recent launch of its minimalistic shopfront at Happy Mansion. So what is it about Xiao by Crustz that has everybody lining up with a loyalty that spurs infatuation? Besides the fact that Xiao is a gorgeous and modern space hidden along the lines of old-style Petaling Jaya, it’s a hard-to-resist gem of a find that beckons you with beautifully crafted pastries parading along a clean, crisp counter. Specializing in gateau-style cakes and tarts, Xiao designs a small selection of fine treats that includes La Vie En Rose, a photographic balance of two mini raspberry jam-filled choux on a Sable-breton shortbread cookie crust with a swift piping of rose chantilly cream, Pa Macha, a pate choux filled with green tea crème diplomat and passionfruit jelly, and Goma Goma, a combination of sesame, chocolate, and hazelnut éclair. There’s also The Zen, an exquisite pairing of matcha Chantilly with Yuzu mango cremeux on an almond cream tart. Xiao also makes limited creations based on seasonal ingedients, as well as themed editions that revolve around yearly celebrations like Chinese New Year and Christmas. 

Xiao by Crustz is located at B-G-6, Section 17, Happy Mansion, Petaling Jaya. You can visit their website at www.xiaobycrustz.

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