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Hot Chocolate Cake Picks For Your Wedding!

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

As Julia Child’s world-famous quote goes; “A party without cake is just a meeting”. And boy, does she prove her point! Just imagine a wedding without the elegant grace of the towering cake (be it chocolate cake or any other flavour). The ceremony just loses its magic. 

While the traditional wedding cake can never be replaced, we’re highlighting the sweet chocolate cake sides that will make any table pop! Here are our hot picks for only THE finest chocolate cakes to accompany the titanic cake of wedding wonder~ 


  • Salted Caramel Popstar Cake 7"
  • The most extra chocolate cake when it comes to luxurious looks, with its ice cream cone hats and generously buttered popcorn necklace. Don’t forget that salted caramel and chocolate sauce drizzle makeup! The poppiest of pop stars in the chocolate cake realm! Best enjoyed if you need a little extra bling to your table~ 

  • Blackout Chocolate Cake
  • This chocolate cake represents the term “minimalistic” to an artistic degree. The layer of chocolate cookie crumbles is so clean, yet bumpy. And the chocolate shavings atop the chocolate cake highlights the hefty, moist, and rich dark chocolate pastry cream package within~ 

  • Nutella Cake 9"
  • When it comes to chocolate cake, none can cater to a Nutella addict’s appetite than a quick bite of this Nutella-based cake here! Not only is it more decadent and sinful than dipping into a whole jar of Nutella, but the chocolate cake is also dressed up in a whole assortment of quirky accessories~ Namely a crown of macarons, dark chocolate pieces, and nuts! 

  • Chocolate French Box
  • Feeling a bit naughty and wish to bamboozle your guests with a simple trick? Curb your mischief, because we have the perfect chocolate cake for this specific stunt! Disguised in the form of a mouth-watering box of French Chocolates, simply cut into the soft body and see the priceless reaction you’ll gain! Before they sulk, best give them the springy yet moist slice of the tricky chocolate cake

  • Red Velvet Cake 9"
  • The moment this Red Velvet Cake lands on your table, it’ll look like a nice red carpet, inviting everyone to try a bite of this chocolate-based cake~ It’s also decorated to bring out the girliness within just about anyone (yes even the guys) with how cute it is! Cute yet elegant, with a wreath of macarons and freshly-picked strawberries. 

  • Secret Garden Cake 4"
  • If you need more magic to your already majestic display, this chocolate cake is the way to go! Describing it as a gateway to an enchanted forest is an understatement. Just look at that serene display, with flowers cascading down the side as if it were water in a fairy pink-ish environment. Let the magic of love fill the ceremony with a slice of the chocolate cake

    A wedding is a special moment for all. So the perfect chocolate cake escort is just as important as the main wedding cake itself to really set the mood~  We from Eat Cake Today would like to wish you all the best for your wedding ceremony! (Or maybe you’re just in the mood for thematic chocolate cakes). 

    Not really feeling the vibe from these chocolate cakes? Have no fear! Just click here and be transported to our full giga-list of gaga chocolate cakes! 

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