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8 Top Picks: Brownies For Wholesome Fun Parties!

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It doesn’t matter if your party is held in a grand hall with hundreds of invitees or a humble little one with your family and close friends. We can all agree that the cake is the centrepiece of the entire event! Different types of cakes give off different kinds of vibes. So let your party be a wholesome one with one of these 8 brownies from our list just for you! 


  • Assorted Bento Cakes Set
  • What’s inside these Bentos? So mysterious and cutesy at the same time, tied up in a cute little bow with heart cut-outs. There’s only one way to find out! Although it may not be THE towering cake that looms above everyone, it’s a perfect little side treat for everyone to go and take a peek at~ 

    The three boxes contain: 

    • Brownies cubes with salted caramel topping with caramel almond crunch 
    • 4-inch mini black forest chocolate sponge cake
    • 4-inch mini fruits cheddar cheese sponge cake
  • Cranberry Brownies
  • Dense salty-sweet brownies with a touch of tanginess to it. And also some crunchy bits of almond praline sprinkled all over the top! You won’t believe how lovely this combination of flavours is! The only thing you have to worry about is gobbling the entire brownies up before anybody else gets to try a bite! 

  • Keto Brownies with Chocolate Drizzle
  • Invite everyone to your party. Yes, EVERYONE! Even your friends that are “on a diet”. Because these brownies are perfect for them. It tastes just as good (or even better, we daresay) than regular brownies despite the lack of sugar within. You can even max out the oozy-gooey chocolatey-ness with explosive-in-flavour chocolate sauce! It’s not a cheat day, it’s just a fine brownies dessert~ 

  • Birthday Design Classic Brownie
  • Brownies by themselves are already a perfect fit into any birthday party, and now you can have some that are PERFECTLY suited for one! Cute little brownies, stacked on top of each other forming a stair-like pattern, with sweet birthday wishes just for you! 

  • Stacked Brownies
  • We hope you like hiking because your appetite is going to have to climb up this wonderfully stacked mountain of brownies~ Let it sweep you away with its relaxing display of chocolate sauce trickling down layers of brownies and between freshly picked strawberries and blueberries. Brownies with a sort of zen to it. 

  • Mini Brownies Cake 6"
  • But if you want something that’s traditional (but not so traditional at the same time) you could opt for this brownies cake! It’s everything you love about cakes and brownies… and more! You’ve got the icing on a perfectly moist chocolate cake. You’ve got the earthy brownies cubes right on top of it. With a healthy dose of rainbow sprinkles for good measure~ 

  • Matcha Brownie
  • What if you’re tired of seeing the same old chocolate brownies every single time? Then shake things up with these matcha brownies! You still get your rich, earthy texture but the taste is way less sinful. The perfect alternative if you’re looking for a lighter touch to your party’s dessert choice~

  • Brownie Bars
  • Sometimes a slice can be quite unfair, especially for brownies. Some people may get a hefty slab, while some will only get a tiny cube of brownies. These brownie bars are made especially for sharing so that everyone gets a fair, mega slice of brownies

    A fun and wholesome party lives on forever in one’s memory. And we hope that our hot brownies pick helps you a lot in ensuring the soul of the party burns with a passion! Let’s get ready to have some fun~ No need to Google search for a “Bakery Near Me” -- we’ll get it done for you!

    Not really feeling the brownies from our collection? Don’t worry! You can check out the whole package here!

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