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8 Must-Have Cheesecakes To Try At Least Once!

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Calling all you cheesecake enthusiasts out there! We’ve got news to soothe that cheesy need of yours. No more are the days where you’d have to stalk every shop that offers cheesecakes to find that perfect kick in your favourite creamy, melty sensation. We’re bringing you not one, not two -- but eight unique top-tier cheesecakes to ever bless your tastebuds~ Get your appetite ready, because you might need it after this. 


  • Blueberry Cheesecake 9"
  • From the outside it looks like some sort of art gallery piece. Because it should be! Swirls of blueberry give this cheesecake its signature look. Every munchy, melt-in-your-mouth bite of this cheesecake will make you feel like both an art and food connoisseur! Acidy-sweetness awaits~ Just don’t forget our beret. 

  • The Modern Duke's Pudding Oreo Cheesecake 7"
  • EVERYTHING in this cheesecake is made of Oreo. Well, ALMOST everything. From the looks all the way to how it tastes. It really wants to make you feel like twisting, licking, and dunking it into a glass of good old milk! You’ll quickly find yourself in love with the super decadent cream cheese, sandwiched between layers of Oreo crumbles (resembling the Oreo cookies)!

  • Macadamia Cheese Cake
  • You know what’s the special recipe to enjoying any kind of cake (in this case, cheesecakes)? It is to exceed expectations while delivering a powerful combo of flavours. Who knew macadamia nuts belong on cheesecakes! Paired with a pleasant, buttery base and your favourite melty body, you’ll just go nuts over this extra creamy cheesecake~

  • Double Chocolate Cheesecake 9"
  • Let the good vibes overtake your senses when you let the melty chocolate cheesecake leave a bittersweet sensation on your tastebuds~ Our bakers used a special special recipe in this cake with an extra kick to make you feel like eating double the chocolate in one bite! 


  • Burnt Cheesecake
  • A beloved classic you’d never pass! It’s the same burnt cheesecake you know and love, with the starting crunch and gooey middle -- but amplified! Our baker’s special special ingredients implemented within the recipe of this cake ensures the dairy goodness of the melty cheese within oozes with extra tarty-sweetness~ 

  • Chocolate Burnt Cheesecake 9"
  • Or maybe you’d like a classic on top of a classic? Everybody knows cheesecakes and chocolate cakes are the two most loved flavours. But what if you were to mix those two together? A little heavy on the creamy and melty aspect, but it does a good work of combining the two different flavours into a cheesecake that stands out with a bold chocolate front~

  • Salted Egg Burnt Cheesecake
  • The cheesecake may not win any beauty awards, but that’s not where the charm is. Try cutting a slice of this cheesecake. You’ll see what we mean~ A single bite will assure your senses that you are eating actual (albeit creamy and melty) salted eggs! It’s no secret that the freshness of the ingredients in this recipe brings out the surprise in this cake

  • Mango Burnt Cheesecake
  • Remember those good old days where you’d pick mangoes using a galah (or maybe you’re on of those who climbs up the tree)? What if you could experience that all again? And no, not the feeling of being bit by ants! You can now go down memory lane with a cheesecake that really does the buttery sweetness of mangoes justice! Just let it seep into your tastebuds and daydream back to the carefree days~

    And there you have it! Bold tastes with a special recipe within each cake (or should we say cheesecake) from start to finish. Cheesecakes with a little extra kaw in them just for you! Because we know cheesecakes are best enjoyed with a twist to it~

    Not really a fan of these cheesecakes? Worry not! You can click here to browse our full collection of uniquely flavoured cheesecakes! 

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