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Cheesecakes To Bring Prosperity This Chinese New Year!

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One of the biggest, most anticipated holidays is almost upon us! Ready to celebrate? What do we mean? It’s almost Chinese New Year! And what’s a celebration without some cake? Whoa, there you don’t need to Google search for a “bakery near me” because we have just what you need~

Hang tight and take note because you’d want at least one of these eight super golden cheesecakes and burnt cheesecakes to add a layer of prosperity the whole family can enjoy! Just because COVID-19 is preventing us from visiting our relatives doesn’t mean we all can’t enjoy the celebration as a family! So, let’s check out the list! 


  • 2 sets of Fortune Cow Mini Burnt Cheesecake 4"
  • It’s the year of the ox, so we’re starting the list with these beauties of a cheesecake! Allow the ox’s stable and nourishing vibes to take over as you munch into the soft, velvety body of the cheesecake with a cute, edible ox figure on top. Who knew a Chinese zodiac would taste this good! 

  • Mango Passion Fruit Cheesecake 8"
  • Want to show your passion for the big celebration? This cheesecake might just do your enthusiasm justice! Not only is it super golden on the outside, but it’s also made with the freshest mangoes and passionfruit in the form of puree! The creamy, crunchy French butter cookie base complements the overall tropical taste~ 

  • The Puan Sri Special Cake
  • Or maybe you’re looking for something that would please the Empress of the household? Not only is the salted caramel drizzle decorating the top of this cappuccino cheesecake in a floral-like form, but it’s also wearing a candied almond crown! Now that’s a cheesecake that could please her cravings~

  • 8 pieces of Mini Monkeys Cake
  • A set of eight cheesecakes that would even make Wukong want to come to pay a visit to try one out! Eight different flavours on everyone’s favourite Digestive biscuit crumbs~ Flavours available are as follows: Toblerone Dark Chocolate, Oreo Cookie Addict, Sinful Mango, Golden Durian, Strawberry Hills, Salted Caramel, Peaches 2 Riches, and Blueberry N Cheese~


  • French Vanilla Burnt Cheesecake
  • Just like the blessing of youth, this burnt cheesecake is the freshest thing in town! The fresh vanilla brings out the overall tangy-sweetness of your creamy dessert~ With the inclusion of Australian cream cheese, you can expect a more milky, velvety finish to the crispy caramelised exterior of this burnt cheesecake.

  • Chocolate Burnt Cheesecake
  • What if you’re in a “chocolate lover” family but wish to keep the theme of golden prosperity goodness? This Chocolate Burnt Cheesecake is the right choice! The super milky and sweet premium Belgian chocolate meets bittersweet tones of burnt cheesecake in one of the most anticipated crossovers of deliciousness! 

  • Cendol Burnt Cheesecake
  • Prosperity often comes when we least expect it. Just like how the best flavours arise when you’re adventurous with its ingredients! Cendol is the last thing you’d expect in your burnt cheesecake. Better serve this cold, because the creaminess from the burnt cheesecake will make you feel like eating a richer and a more solid version of cendol!

  • Mango Burnt Cheesecake
  • When it comes to the fruity kingdom nothing is as golden as freshly picked, ripe mangoes! Let them do their magic as they add a fruity layer of fresh sweetness to your burnt cheesecake and amplifies the lovely creaminess the dessert is known for. You can’t go wrong with double the flavourful fun~ 

    And that concludes our list of the creamiest cheesecakes to represent the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration. May this Year of The Ox bring you prosperity, wellness, and success in your career or anything you put your heart into! 

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