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Brownies Bar by The Accidental Bakers

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What began as a humble catering of sweet treats over the years has ventured into a newly launched institution that provides us brownie lovers with a generous serving of sentimental pleasures; Brownies Bar is a much-anticipated brick and mortar and brainchild of The Accidental Bakers, whom we wrote about here, strategically located at Pavilion Elite.

A little shop with nothing but the wondrous display of brownies upon brownies, Brownies Bar is unpretentious by nature and true to its name. The vast array of fanciful choices on their menu will ignite the curiosity of any brownie devotee. For those unsure of where to start, the Signature Dark Chocolate brownie, filled with a deep, dark, oozing secret, is a definite crowd pleaser. If you’re looking for something that screams decadence, the Triple Chocolate brownie will melt your heavy heart right down to the core. For those who love that creamy sensation, opt for the Red Velvet, a dark chocolate brownie swirled with Red Velvet cheesecake filling. And Matcha lovers can rejoice with an order of the Matcha brownie, scrumptiously created with a Matcha and white chocolate filling. But of course, if you’re all for colors and the hope of love, the Rainbow Blondie, bright with the colors of a truly happy bite, is the one for you.

Brownies Bar’s amazing brownies are now available through Eat Cake Today, so get to ordering right away!

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Delicious Oreo Ice Cream Cake but No Cooler Bag/Dry Ice for Cake

Ordered this cake for my son's 15th birthday. When they deliver, they did not provide cooler bag or dry ice for this Ice Cream Cake. Lucky the cake doesn't melt when arrived. Quickly put in freezer for 1.5hours before serving. Not too sweet and everyone loved it. The seller should give an option to purchase cooler cake bag. Lucky was serving at home due to MCO. If I bring it to restaurant, I might have problem, I need cooler bag for the cake, restaurant may not have space for customer to keep in their freezer, normally cake will be serve after meal in restaurant. The Ice Cream Cake sure will melt without cooler bag.

Too sweet

The cake is too sweet. But moisture was good and delivery was good

Red Velvet Cake so good

Cake so good and delicious. Soft and not so sweet, enough cream cheese. Cake received in good condition.

Absolutely delicious

Ordered it for my mother’s birthday. The size was perfect. The taste was also amazing. Not too sweet, nice and creamy.