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Cute Birthday Cakes For Girls

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Birthday celebrations nowadays are more thematic and well-organized. Besides, the biggest surprise of the party is not only the well decorated venue but also the birthday cake which amazed everyone. Here with Eat Cake Today, we offer you a variety of cakes for your little princess that suits your party theme.

  1. Unicorn Cake
    Every girl has the fantasy of having a unicorn as a pet. Let’s excite the unicorn lovers with our unicorn cakes. Every ingredient is like the magic potion to adorn this fascinating masterpiece. Everyone will fall in love with the elegant look and heavenly taste of it.
  2. Elsa & Snowman cake
    All girls favourite disney character, the Ice Queen with her little bestie Olaf sitting on top of the Elsa cake. Decorated with fondant snowflakes and meringue. A cake that keeps her smile for the whole day.
  3. Dreamy Ariel Cake
    No mermaid party is complete without our Dreamy Ariel cake. Embellished with seashells, starfish and pearls, this cake is definitely for The Little Mermaid fans. In fact, the cake is too beautiful to be eaten.
  4. Sprinkles cake
    Rainbow sprinkles are always the happiness boost to children. Here we have Sprinkles Cake which you can choose either chocolate or butter cake to please your daughter’s taste bud. 
  5. Perky in Pink Cake
    For that person who loves all shades of pink, no party is complete without your Perky in Pink cake to celebrate with. The moist and velvety textures along with either chocolate or butter cake is not overpowering sweet. Everyone will love it and guess what? It can be delivered within 4 hours!
  6. Rainbow Ruffle Cake
    Kids are always attracted to vibrant colourful objects, there’s no denying their love towards the stunning presentation of Rainbow cake. Who says you can only see the rainbow after rain? Now you can enlighten up your celebration by getting the creamy rainbow sponge cake.
  7. Tsum Tsum Jelly Cake
    We have gathered the Tsum Tsum family for this Tsum Tsum Jelly Cake! The Tsum Tsum Jelly Cake not only looks cute but also tastes wonderful, it is made with coconut milk. This colourful jelly cake is the perfect dessert for a children's party or any lover of Tsum Tsum. The jelly cake is best served chilled and suitable for vegetarians.
  8. Doraemon Cake
    The childhood memories with Doraemon are hitting us hard. Be the parent who becomes the spotlight of envy when kids start asking for one after seeing your kids having one. This cake is perfect for the Doraemon lover! Coming in Belgian Chocolate and Vanilla Butter flavours, this cake is not only cute, but also so tasty!
  9. Beauty and the Beast Jelly Cake
    Get this Beauty and the Beast Jelly Cake for your lovely girl. The colourful jelly cake and the layer of juicy Longan make an add on to the chewiness of the jelly cake. A Princess Belle toy and a paper castle decorated on top makes the perfect birthday cake for a child who loves everything about Princess Belle and Beauty and the Beast!
  10. Pikachu Cake
    We know it is hard to catch pokemon, then it’s time to feature our Pikachu Cake on your pokemon themed birthday celebration. Feed your birthday girl with our delicious cake and continue her pokemon hunt. A must for both little and large Pokemon fans! Little yellow Pikachu wants to come to your party.
  11. Frozen Jelly Cake
    The strongest, coldest and smartest princess out of all - The Trio from Frozen are back in trend! How can you resist the crazily detailed ice mountain which looks so lively with the help of different blue colour tones. This pandan flavoured jelly princess cake will be perfect for any event for kids and suitable to be consumed for all ages!
  12. Mystical Mermaid Cake
    Can you tell if it's Ariel the Princess just by looking at that dreamy fish tail? Choose either butter or chocolate as the cake base and watch how our baker turns this into a professional designer cake. The most exciting part is it can be delivered within 4 hours.
  13. Baby Shark Jelly Cake
    If you don’t like the floury taste, then jelly cake will be the right option for you. It comes in different shapes unlike the usual cream cake which only comes in one shape. We transformed the famous Baby Shark into a pandan flavoured jelly cake that looks adorable and kids friendly. The perfect dessert to consume during hot days as it is light and refreshing, definitely will be the star of any kids party!
  14. Baby Rabbit Cake
    The special treat for Easter and a kids party. The chocolate or butter flavour of this cake is one for all. It is decorated with a fondant-made adorable bunny on top and white-yellow party flags around it. It will definitely be an attention seeker on the dessert table because of how cute it looks!
  15. Peppa Pig Jelly Cake
    Oink oink! Have you ever heard of some cartoon snorting in the house? BINGO! It’s Peppa Pig and we have the Peppa Pig Jelly Cake too! With vibrant colours of pandan flavoured jelly layers and Peppa Pig surrounded with small flowers, it will be your kid’s favourite. Besides, you don’t need to get a jelly cake even if there’s any celebration. Hence, get ready on your seat with this perfect refreshment.
  16. Kitty Jelly Cake
    No one can resist our kawaii Kitty Jelly Cake. Hello Kitty lovers will love this so much as it is decorated with a giant Hello Kitty in the middle with a few small Hello Kitty surrounding it. The main ingredient being used for this jelly cake is the premium green seaweed imported from Japan. 

Customization Cake
Searching for these cakes? Minion cake, photo cake, panda cake, We Bare Bears cake, Elmo cake, Bumblebee cake, Rilakkuma cake, teddy bear cake, Cinderella cake, Masha and the bear cake, Snow White cake, Moana cake, bunny cake, Spongebob cake... but can’t see it on our website? Don’t worry we got you cover. We provide customization to you. Drop us the design of the cake you want and let our bakers showcase their talents and creativity to prepare the cake for you. Not just your girl can have a tailored birthday cake, but he can have a unique celebration too.

Your little princess deserves a glorious cake for her birthday. It is time to make their fairy-tale dream come true. Explore more about the collection of cakes for kids at our website through this link: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/cake-delivery-for-kids-and-baby-kl-malaysia or you can customize the design you love by filling up the customization form: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/pages/never-say-no-to-customization-cakes

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