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It’s Showtime Of Birthday Cakes For Boys

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It's not fair for boys when they only get the normal cake instead of getting the cute designs like the girls do. Besides, every boy deserves a fantastic design cake for their birthday. Well, you’re on the right page! Eat Cake Today serves you a variety of cakes for your birthday boy.

  1. Avengers Cake
    As a Marvel supporter, you shouldn’t miss out our Avengers Cake. It comes in both delectable chocolate and butter cake flavours and layered with either chocolate ganache or buttercream, this designer cake will definitely excite any Avenger's fan!
  2. Cookie Monster Cake
    C is for Cookie, that’s good enough for me~ If your son is a big fan of sesame street, definitely our Cookie Monster Cake is the best cake for him. Not only is it adorable, it is also mouth-watering. Wow your guests with this Cookie Monster Cake for your sesame street themed party.
  3. Tsum Tsum Jelly Cake
    We have gathered the Tsum Tsum family for this Tsum Tsum Jelly Cake! The Tsum Tsum Jelly Cake not only looks cute but also tastes wonderful, it is made with coconut milk and stuffed with fruit. This colourful jelly cake is the perfect dessert for a children's party or any lover of Tsum Tsum. The jelly cake is best served chilled and suitable for vegetarians.
  4. Doraemon Cake
    The childhood memories with Doraemon are hitting us hard. Be the parent who becomes the spotlight of envy when kids start asking for one after seeing your kids having one. This cake is perfect for the Doraemon lover! Coming in Belgian Chocolate and Vanilla Butter flavours, this cake is not only cute, but also so tasty!
  5. Winnie the Pooh Jelly Cake
    The jelly cake is shaped like a honeycomb and is topped with an edible Winnie the Pooh figurine. Best choice for a kids party, or for the adult who simply loves Winnie the Pooh, this light and sweet jelly cake is definitely a perfect cake for any type of celebration!
  6. Pikachu Cake
    We know it is hard to catch pokemon, then it’s time to feature our Pikachu Cake on your pokemon themed birthday celebration. Feed your birthday boy with our delicious cake and continue his pokemon hunt. A must for both little and large Pokemon fans! Little yellow Pikachu pokemon cake wants to come to your party.
  7. Lego Jelly Cake
    Everyone understands the pain of stepping on the LEGO toys. Our Lego Jelly Cake to the rescue! It is the right dessert to cool down the heat wave, along with its soft chewy pandan taste. A great hard work from our baker’s to build this Lego Jelly Cake. Keep away your Lego toys and have our Lego Jelly Cake.
  8. Baby Shark Cakesicles
    Worried about the after party mess? Why not go for our Baby Shark Jelly Cakesicles? It is served individually and you do not have to worry about the creamy mess. Also, you can make sure everyone will get one and no one will be missed out! Let’s doo doo doo… and share this chilling joy together.
  9. Superhero Unite Cake
    All boys will do - tie a towel around their necks and start pillow fights with their siblings. It’s time to make their superhero dream come true by getting our Superhero Cake. You will get to choose either one flavour which is Chocolate cake or Butter cake. Besides, the outer design of it is what attracts your boy to love the cake. Your boy will stop jumping around and enjoy this fantastic Superhero Cake.
  10. Toy Story Jelly Cake
    It’s not wrong to get the Toy Story themed party well done. Thus, get our Toy Story Jelly Cake and buzz the excitement of the guests. Anyone who likes less sweetened cake with detailed design, then get this Toy Story Jelly Cake and get refreshing during this hot weather.
  11. Peppa Pig Jelly Cake
    Oink oink! Have you ever heard of some cartoon snorting in the house? BINGO! It’s Peppa Pig and we have the Peppa Pig Jelly Cake too! With vibrant colours of pandan flavoured jelly layers and Peppa Pig surrounded with small flowers, it will be your kid’s favourite. Besides, you don’t need to get a jelly cake even if there’s any celebration. Hence, get ready on your seat with this perfect refreshment.
  12. Dinosaur Jelly Cakesicles
    Roarrr! The dinosaurs are invading your birthday celebration! Surprise your kids with the soft pandan flavoured Dinosaur Jelly Cakesicle. The chewy eye-catching dessert jolly up the party and makes one’s party more memorable.

Customization Cake
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No party is complete without our cake. Finally, it’s time for your kids to show off their favourite cakes to their friends. Explore more about the collection of cakes for kids at our website through this link: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/cake-delivery-for-kids-and-baby-kl-malaysia or you can customize the design you love by filling up the customization form: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/pages/never-say-no-to-customization-cakes

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