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You Never Know How Good It Is To Have Wedding Anniversary Cake/Gift Delivery From Eat Cake Today.

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Wedding Anniversary is one of the important dates to any married couple no matter if you’re newly married or married for years. This is because it represents how a couple's marriage strengthens as time passes. Lack of ideas on how to celebrate your wedding anniversary other than just giving your loved ones money? Scroll down and continue reading as we are about to introduce the best wedding anniversary cake delivery in Malaysia, Eat Cake Today. 

Score an A for this year's anniversary celebration by getting Monogram Cake 11”. A sweet and yummy monogram cake with Joconde and cheese buttercream. Decorated with fresh strawberries, macarons, marshmallows, pretzels and fresh flowers. Have it in both of your names or number that you want!

If your wife doesn’t like something creamy and floury, surprise her with a Rose Bouquet Jelly Cake 6” instead on your wedding anniversary.

Coconut flavoured jelly roses with a layer of fresh longan, light and not too sweet! A rose bouquet jelly cake, now you can have both rose and cake which is edible! No need to listen to her nagging about wasting money!

Macarons - one of the hardest pastries to make, just like how life is. Sweeten up your wedding anniversary celebration with Lovely Macaron Tower to appreciate each other for being together throughout the hard times. Beautiful heart shaped macarons with 3 different flavours decorated with roses and baby breaths that are arranged with the skills of an artisan.

Save your time to decorate your house for the wedding anniversary by ordering My Valentine’s Day Balloon Bouquet. She deserves to be spoiled and loved. You are allowed to express your love with your personalized message on balloons. It comes in a bouquet of 13 helium balloons, this bouquet will just do its job and keep her smiles all day! 

Last but not least, you have wedding anniversary cake and balloons, then you must have flowers too. No girl will ever say no to beautiful flowers whereas Strawberry Bouquet is the symbolism of the pleasure of love. She is not a flower lover? Get this strawberry bouquet to win her heart with the sweetness! Something out of the ordinary for him or her.

Wedding Anniversary is just once in a time, do remember to appreciate your sweetheart for being by your side from time to time. It’s okay if you only remember your anniversary last minute as Eat Cake Today has 4 hours same day cake delivery too! Hurry Up and make your wedding anniversary more memorable by ordering from Eat Cake Today through:

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Beautiful , exquisite and delightful

Lovely , tall cake , level of detail and skill in the icing design was amazing, and it was delicious buttercream , while cake was not oily . Overall, am satisfied because family was happy


I love it! The taste is great and better than my expectation.

Caramel Drizzle SIZZLES

Moist and rich. U can feel the chocolaty n caramel intermingling. It just melt in your mouth

Lemon Poppyseed Cake is the best

This is so far the best Lemon Poppyseed Cake Ive ever eaten.

Lemon Earl Grey Cake is Zestful

Certainly this is the cake for me as i love cakes with more flour n flavour rather than too much cream. The balance between the lemon/ tea flavour cake n creamy topping goes well adding up the zest.