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You Can Now Enjoy Savoury Cakes To Those That Aren't Sweet Tooth!

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Let’s be fair to everyone. We can’t just have online cake delivery with sweet treats only since not everyone is sweet tooth. Therefore, Eat Cake Today is here offering you the best online savoury food for delivery. Stay with us as we’re about to showcase unique savoury cakes that even sweet tooth will love and perfect as birthday cake delivery!

We all know our national cuisine is Nasi Lemak and everyone can have nasi lemak for any meal no matter if it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper! Bored with the floury creamy cake? Then check this Nasi Lemak Cake 8” out! A bed of white and blue layered rice, generously spread with homemade sambal and topped with sambal prawns or chicken rendang, anchovies, peanuts and egg. Finished off with slices of cucumbers surrounding the cake.

Best thing is you can also get Nasi Lemak Cups if you’re planning to have a small gathering and share these savoury treats with your loved ones. Easy to share and easy to consume.

Besides, we have another dish that we alway see at the food court which is Hai Nan Chicken Rice. Have you ever thought of getting a Hainanese Chicken Rice Savory Cake 8” instead of going out and dapao for so many people? The ingredients used such as the rice and chicken are freshly cooked by our baker. You can now enjoy chicken rice with the homemade sauce by just ordering online cake delivery.

Any occasion needs a showstopper other than the main celebrant. Make everyone go WOW by serving Chicken Rendang Indulgence's Nasi Kunyit Cake 8”. Fresh whole chicken drumstick from the morning market, cooked in creamy coconut. Infused with rich fragrant spices and home made kerisik, topped with salted eggs. Savoury, spice and everything nice!

Did anyone join the maggi pedas giler challenge? If not, challenge yourself with this Pedas Giler Noodle Cake 8”. Noodle Pedas Giler in the form of a cake, topped with popcorn chicken and a layer of cheddar cheese. Must eat the popcorn chicken with the homemade chilli sauce, it’s a thumbs up! If you can’t eat spicy food then you can get the classic indo mee as the base.

Savoury bites are the easiest food to eat and share. Save yourself from all the cleaning by getting Mini Quiches. Delicious mushroom spinach quiches that you can share with your loved ones. Best savoury treats to any meal dilemma from dinner parties, suppers, picnics and even afternoon tea! You can get these for any vegetarian friends too.

Whenever people talk about lasagna, the first thing that comes to mind is too overwhelming and unable to finish alone. Have it in a mini version and you can enjoy it with everyone. Mini Lasagna that you can choose either beef or chicken, suitable for office party or any gathering. It’s definitely hassle free and there is no need to search for food catering.

Other than these savoury foods, we also have savoury pies that promise to make every celebration all right. What makes these 18 pieces of Savory Pies even more fun is there are 3 flavours in one set. So you get to try either Pulled Lamb, Cheesy Chicken and Chicken Mushroom. Perfect savoury treats for a chilly night!

All the savoury cakes are made freshly on the delivery date itself! This is to keep the original flavour of the savoury cakes and ensure the utmost customer’s satisfaction. So what are you waiting for? Discover more on these savoury cakes and quiche available and order now from Eat Cake Today through this link: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/savoury-cakes

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