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Where Can I Get After Meal Dessert/Dessert at Home?

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There’s always a saying that every single one of us has extra room for desserts even after a heavy meal. No need to hide about your undying love for desserts and it’s time to get your dessert at home. Due to this pandemic, we have no idea when we can dine in to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings and enjoy the happy time around with loved ones. AND… Eat Cake Today is here to be your solution with various kinds of delicious sweet treats! Stay here with us as we’re about to introduce you to the best desserts at home!

Cup desserts are no way you can resist with its three ‘Easy’ rules. Easy to carry, Easy to consume, Easy to share. Just like these Chrysanthemum-Hazelnutty Dessert Cups. Honey Chrysanthemum-Hazelnutty Chiffon cakes case with Honey Chrysanthemum Hazelnut Filling and topped with pretzel and hazelnut. Definitely a new refreshing flavour that surprises your taste bud with some crunchiness adding on the texture.

I believe everyone misses the feeling of enjoying desserts in a cafe, sipping your drink while chatting. Now you can have this tea time session online by making your favourite tea yourself at home and ordering Mix and Match Slice Cakes with your loved ones. 12 assorted signature flavours in one to solve your choice difficulties and satisfy everyone that has different taste.

Spelling “stressed” backward is desserts! So desserts are the best way to release stress. After a long day of hard work, it’s time to pamper yourself with sweet treats such as 36 Hitam Manis Profiteroles Cream Puffs. 3 aromatic flavours in one set: Chocolate Hazelnut, Salted Caramel & Vanilla. The aromatic French choux pastry cream puffs with a rich filling of custard will burst in your mouth. Get yours before it’s too late as everyone will fight for the last piece!

Maybe you are the adventurous type and want something entirely new in every slice of brownies? You can never go wrong with different unique toppings in this Assorted Brownies 8”! Each chewy slice is readily cut for you so it’s easy to share~ Even kids will love these brownies with the cute and unique colourful toppings.

After meals desserts don't have to be floury buttery desserts! It can be something chewy and refreshing like this coconut flavoured jelly cakesicles. Not only is it easy to keep, it is also easy to consume. Save you from all the hassle by getting this Unicorn Jelly Cakesicles. Unicorn lovers are gonna love these.

During this MCO period, do take care of yourself and your loved ones by getting dessert at home. With Eat Cake Today, you can just wait at home while we deliver happiness to your doorstep. Stay Sweet, Stay Safe with Sweet Treats from Eat Cake Today. Order online now by checking out for more desserts at https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/after-meal-desserts

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