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How to Choose the Best Father’s Day Cake/Gift Idea 2021?

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We always remember everything related to our mother but we should never forget the silent hero at home - our father! Father's day is just a few weeks away, no idea what to get for superman? Eat Cake Today presents to you all kinds of ultimate father’s day gift ideas and we would like to be part of your father’s day celebration. Stay here with us as we’re about to present to you our 5 different series of father’s day 2021 cakes.

First, we all know fathers always want everything simple instead of complicated. A simple father’s day cake is what they are expecting. Not just simple but it will be wonderful if it’s less sweet ‘cause majority of the men aren’t sweet tooth. Something less sweet like this Royal King Jelly Cake 5” is perfect for him. Refreshing dessert during this hot weather with colorful layers of jelly and a layer of juicy longan. 

Wishing your dad Happy Father’s Day with this Father’s Love Cake. The light yet rich in chocolate flavor chiffon cake coupled with the freshly made blueberry filling is the highlight. Although the cream coated looks heavy, the taste is not overwhelming at all. Dads will surely love this cake!

Having a dad who loves tea is the best thing ever as you can enjoy the best evening hour with him sipping tea and chatting. Since he loves tea that much, it would be even wonderful if you get him a tea infused cake crafted by international award-winning pastry chef, Kyūsu Cake 7". Kyūsu means teapot in Japanese. The orange zest adds a touch of refreshing taste on your taste buds with the slight bitterness from the matcha flavour.

When it comes to durian season, your dad will always load the fridges with boxes of Durian. Make this Freshly made Musang King Durian Mille Crepe Cake 8” the ideal cake for Father’s Day celebration. The perfect balance of crepes and creams with every bite of durian flesh will get your dad hyped and have more cakes! 

When you think only your dad runs out of ideas about what to eat everyday, you as a child face this problem about Father’s Day gifting too. Without any hesitation, Gentleman Fruity Cake is the right one! Cream coated cake with fruits decorated on top in a suit design. The cream might look heavy but it’s definitely less overwhelming and balances well with the tanginess of the blueberry fillings.

Dad might not be good in saying how much he loves you but his actions tell everything. It’s time to pamper your dad this round on Father's Day as dad deserves sweet treats too! Check out the father’s day collection and order now: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/fathers-day-collections

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