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Tous Les Jours Bakery Malaysia

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Looking to escape the usual local eatery scene? Step into Tous les Jours bakery, and you will find yourself transported to a charming little fairytale town where carbs rule, and diets are checked by the door. Exposed brick walls and high ceilings ignite a sense of vintage, European splendour as natural sunlight floods through the windows and onto the baked creations spread all around. With travel on its menu, Tous les Jours is a French Asian bakery café that originated from South Korea, and has found homes in China, Vietnam, South America, and of course, Malaysia. Because of its journey, this bakery has brought along with it flavours from around the world, from buttery crisp croissants, to glossy fruit danish pastries, to seaweed tuna floss bread, and even Nasi Lemak buns!

Of course, the menu doesn’t stop there. Those in search of cakes will celebrate in the success of finding a vast array of options available at Tous les Jours. Delectable creations like the Green Tea Chiffon cake, Ganache Mousse cake, and their signature Red Velvet cake are all as eye-catching as they are light and airy desserts. Their cakes are sold by the slice, or in whole, and there’s even a specialty cake in the form of a teddy bear to suit the younger at heart. And for late bingers, you'll be glad to know that their most attractive outlet located along Jalan Bukit Bintang keeps serving 'til late!

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