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Lavender Bakery

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Located in 1 Utama and consistently bustling with a flow of customers, Lavender Bistro slash bakery is a chic and contemporary bakery that serves a generous myriad of baked goods, from freshly made breads, to smooth egg tarts with crispy shells, to all the essentials that make for an easy day out. Temptation surrounds this bakery to the core, and a definite crowd pleaser would be Lavender's unassumingly delicious Japanese cheese stick; soft, light, and just right for kids and adults alike.

While patrons roam the displays for usual favorites such as hot dog milky buns, sweet meat floss buns, as well as the basic croissant to soothe the soul into a carb-induced bliss, Lavender’s desserts and range of full cakes demand a crowd of their own. Pretty to perfection and sweet as can be, the selection of desserts consists of pastel-colored macarons, fluffy Strawberry Shortcake made with the freshest of strawberries, Tiramisu decked to gorgeous, mascarpone delight, and a Hazelnut Ganache that screams indulgence. There are also teatime pleasures like butter cake, cream rolls, and authentic Indonesian ‘kek lapis’ presented in gorgeous tin boxes, ready for the giving.

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