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To All Ladies, You Deserve These

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In these days and age, everyone is working hard to achieve the world’s definition of perfectionism. Sometimes to a certain extent, they forgot their own selves. By the moment you show appreciation, love and reward to others, you should also do it to yourself. Everyone deserves to be loved and self love really helps out with your mental health and happiness as it is a motivation and definitely can boost up your self esteem. Well, there are many ways to reward yourself and the best way will be getting yourself some sweet treats. Take a look at these cakes that you can reward yourself:

  1.  Lemon Earl Grey Cake (Slice) with Love 18°C Chocolate

    Searching for light dessert after a long day of being productive? This lemon earl grey slice cake will be the most perfect first choice. The light taste of Earl Grey tea and refreshing lemony taste will surprise your taste buds. Well served with a cup of coffee or tea. Besides, you can get it with a box of chocolate which you can continue to work while having the melt-in-mouth chocolate as your energizer.

  2. Chocolate French Box

    There is a research saying that chocolate helps to release endorphins which can help trigger a positive feeling in the body. If you want something insta-worthy, then this Chocolate French Box will give you spam dm-s asking for the cake. Not only does it look gorgeous, but the taste is definitely not what you expected. The fluffy moist chocolatey cake will break your typical mindset of overly sweet chocolate cake.

  3. Fickle Feline Assorted Cheesecakes

    It is never wrong to treat yourself better as you need to be strong enough to support yourself then only you can take care of others. Take this opportunity and grab this assorted cheesecake to reward yourself and your ji mui (bestfriends). We all know girls like to say “can I have one bite?” but one bite is never enough. These 10 different flavours in one will solve all girls’ problems and you get to try all the flavour.

  4. Fruity Trifle Cake 6"

    Either if you’re working hard for self improvement or living a healthy life, a less sweet cake will not make you feel guilty for breaking your diet especially with this fruity trifle cake. Being healthy doesn’t mean being bored, the perfect balance of the fruits and cream will get you want to have more. You can forget the hassle of cutting cake since you can just scoop and have it all by yourself. It’s never a cheat day if you’re having fruit cake!

  5. Tower of 18 Macarons and Flowers

    Lastly, for those who love desserts with more “atas” feel, then a tower of macarons decorated with flowers can never be run away from your choice. Most of you will think that these macarons are only best for your mini dessert photoshoot and get sickened with the overly sweet macaron. However, you'd still be able to taste the flavours, instead of just being plain "sweet".

Spoiling yourself with rewards doesn’t mean you must spend a lot. Sometimes a small treat means a lot as it is the best refreshment and energizer. In particular, when you’re too busy with all the hard work and even find it difficult to spare some time for your hobby, why not just order online from Eat Cake Today? There are all kinds of lovely treats for you to choose. Taking a break is for accomplishing a longer journey meanwhile rewarding yourself is the best way to love yourself. Check out our website for more cakes and you definitely deserve these sweeties: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/cake-delivery-for-her-kl-malaysia

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