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Perfect Cake/Gift Ideas For 5 Different Personality Types of Girls

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Hello there! Are you struggling to choose the most suitable for your girl? Pretty sure people find it hard to get cakes for their friends or anyone who has their birthday coming soon that really matches with their personalities. Eat Cake Today is here to rescue and we have various cake selections that will be the best cake ideas for different personality types of girls.

Begin with the most general cake that is suitable for any girl which is this Orange Raspberry Chiffon Cake. The slight sourness of the raspberry filling balances well with the beautiful orange taste and zest which compliments the cake superbly. The cream covering the cake is thin and adds some lightness to the cake! You should get this for girls that are not a big fan of sweet treats.

If your lady boss’s or Miss Elegant’s birthday is coming soon, they surely deserve this Purple Brushstroke Fault Line Cake 4". Four signature flavours cake base is offered as options with moist and soft texture. Fresh roses on top of the cake itself, covered with purple buttercream with brushstroke floral to create an artistic effect. A cake that represents her the most!

Any girl will fall for a simple aesthetic design cake such as this Santorini Korean Cake 6”. A little bit of blue and yellow with moist fluffy sponge cake is gonna make anyone’s day even better. Besides, there are 3 different types of cake base for you to choose: Belgian Chocolate, Mango Custard, Strawberry Chantilly. Perfect cake for K-pop/Korean fans or any cute girl.

Sus! 12 Pieces of Among Us Cakesicles reported! We know the consequence of disturbing someone who is playing games, especially whenever they lose the game. Meanwhile these cakesicles surely take a female gamer’s eyes off from her game since they are so cute. A refreshing and chewy dessert for this hot weather! 

All girls’ main headache: gain weight. Know someone who is very active in sports and is having a birthday soon? Easy, send her 12 Pieces of Keto Cupcakes. You can either choose vanilla or chocolate as the cake base. Besides, she doesn’t need to finish everything as she can share with her loved ones or keep the extra as breakfast. Absolutely not a cheat day!

After reading this, gifting for girls with different personalities seems much easier right? The best thing that Eat Cake Today does is they provide same day cake delivery for her too! Hence, you have no worries if you need a last minute cake delivery! Find joy in gifting by discovering cakes for her collection at https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/cake-delivery-for-her-kl-malaysia

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