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Sweet 21st Birthday Cake Delivery KL Malaysia

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

21st, a wonderful number in life as you’re no longer the 18 years old little adult. Everyone will prepare for the most memorable 21st birthday cake delivery as you only celebrate birthday once in a year. Without thinking twice, Eat Cake Today should be the first that comes into your mind as your 21st birthday cake delivery! Why? As Eat Cake Today offers various types of beautiful cakes that are perfect as your 21st birthday cake delivery!

How sweet it is to get the first letter of your name made in the form of a cake! This Monogram Cookies Cake — a vanilla cake base married with piped buttercream. Cookies, rose and chocolate are decorated beautifully on top of the cake. Simple 21st birthday cake yet it is what touches the heart the most. 

A monogram cake is the greatest way to personalize any celebration. Chocolate Monogram Cake can be an alphabet or number so you can get this Chocolate crafted cake base pipped with chocolate buttercream. With macarons, rose petals and chocolate bars decorated, truly enlighten 21st birthday celebration!

Looking for a fun way to celebrate your 21st birthday? Go big with our biggest cake in 11 inch, Monogram Cake 11”, a Joconde sponge cake and cheese buttercream! Topped with fresh strawberries, macarons, marshmallows, pretzels and fresh flowers. This sweet monogram cake makes a lovely focal point for your 21st birthday cake delivery!

Surprise your loved one with an elegant and sophisticated 21st birthday cake delivery, Crown Cake 5”. You can even get this for your royal themed 21st birthday party celebration. Each bite delights with rich royal and sweet, indulgent dessert. Besides, there are three signature flavours you can choose as the cake base.

Black Pink Cake 5” in your area~ A chocolate cake coated in black, edible Gold Leaf Flake on top of each black piped swirl buttercream atop the cake. A little bit of pink drip is decorated at the side to add some personality to the cake. Definitely the perfect cake for a swag girl or any black pink fan that is celebrating their 21st birthday soon.

All time question, what is the best 21st birthday cake delivery for guys? So this is the answer. A modern way to personalize your 21st birthday cake for delivery to your doorstep by ordering Money Theme Cake 5”. Not only does it look nice, it also tastes fantastic! What makes this cake even better is that you get to choose your favourite cake flavour as the cake base!

21st birthday is one of the important life journeys and it marks down every growing process. Therefore, the most stunning 21st birthday cake delivery is needed to make this day more meaningful! Discover all the wonderful 21st birthday cake delivery from Eat Cake Today at https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/21st-birthday-cakes

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