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Order Brownies Cookies Delivery Today

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

No one can ever get bored with brownies. If yes, then we have something that is more crunchy, more chocolatey for you today: Brownies Cookies! which is also known as brookies. It is made out of a brownie batter recipe with extra chocolate chips in it. 

So why should you order our brownie cookies? Firstly, we have our best selling brownie cookies that can satisfy your brownie cravings. These 10 pieces of Brookies are made with premium 62% cocoa couverture chocolate. Crunchy from the outside and soft, chewy from the inside. 

Meanwhile you can save your worries of getting overwhelmed by the chocolatey brownie cookie taste. This is because it comes with 8 different types of fillings in it: Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Banana Milkshake, Raspberry, Chocolate Mint, Peanut Butter, Gula Melaka & Coconut. Thus, not only do you get to try different flavours, it also fulfills everyone’s taste of preference.

Besides, ordering brownie cookies for gatherings or parties is definitely the best option ever. Every piece of brownie cookies comes with individual packaging, which guarantees its hygiene and is easy to share among everyone. It makes the brownies cookies easy to serve and easy to carry, no need to use any cutlery or utensils to eat it. Most importantly.

Lastly, Brownie cookies are perfect for gifting during any festive or celebration. The brookies come in a simple yet beautiful packaging. Just attach Eat Cake Today’s message card with your messages to the receiver, all your love and care has been delivered to them.

Simple right? Just a few clicks and you get everything in one order. These brookies are surely freshly baked upon orders and you can receive it as fast as within 4 Hours Same Day Delivery. So without further ado, just click the link below to order your brownies cookies and get it delivered today. 

Link: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/products/brookies

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