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FREE DELIVERY MOONCAKES from Online Cake Shop Near Me! Check It Out Now!

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Mid-Autumn Festival is less than two months away and one worries us is where to get the freshly baked mooncake. Not all cake shops have mooncakes available now and some of us just love mooncakes so much that we wish to buy it anytime. Worry or nah, Eat Cake Today will be the best online cake shop near me with mooncake delivery provided.

EXCLUSIVE DEALS!!! We’re doing EARLY BIRD FREE DELIVERY on selected mooncakes now from online cake shop near me. Continue reading and see which mooncakes are available for this fantastic promotion

1. 4 Pieces of Premium Low Sugar Mooncakes

    Let’s go healthy by having these mooncakes. Three classics flavour traditional baked mooncake with one modern taste as one set. Especially Luminarie,  combining it with smooth mung bean custard molten salted egg yolk lava, offering you a perfect symphony of sweet and savoury goodness that will leave you craving for more. Less sweet mooncakes, suitable for all ages.

    2. 4 Pieces of Mid-Autumn Mooncakes

      Modernized our mooncakes with unique flavours such as Pandan, Taro + Sweet Potato and Matcha Red Bean. Each ingredient yields its individual and distinctive taste to make the combination different and enjoyable. These traditional mooncakes with modern flavours surely make the perfect gift to your loved ones.

       3. 6 Pieces of Premium Mooncakes

      Moon viewing must eat - traditional baked mooncakes! Satisfy everyone’s different preference of flavour by getting this set of mooncakes, the best mid-autumn mooncake 2021 ever. This is because it comes with 6 different flavours, perfect for gifting. Send these premium traditional baked mooncakes to your boss, colleagues, neighbour, family and friends today!

      These Mooncakes are freshly baked and zero preservatives. Most importantly, it is also Halal Certified! What are you waiting for? Enjoy free shipping and order your mooncake delivery online now from online cake shop near me at: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/free-delivery-within-klang-valley or you can check out our Mid-Autumn Festival Collection and get any mooncake online from online cake shop near me at: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/mid-autumn-festival-collections

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