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Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Oh, what fun it is to have a cake this Christmas holiday~ That’s right! Christmas is just around the corner! It’s so close, you can even hear Santa going “Ho, ho, ho”! Have you prepared for your Christmas celebration? What do you mean you haven’t? 

Oh, don’t start worrying! We’re here to help you out to pick only the best Christmas cakes for any occasion this holiday season~ Be it a big company get together or a personal party with your family to tighten the bond with the help of some Christmas magic. 

Get those Christmas stockings up, because you wouldn’t want to miss our list of 11 of the best designer Christmas-themed cakes~ 


  • Santa Claus Cake
  • Hmm? Do you hear that? Something’s in the chimney. Oh, don’t worry, it’s just this Santa Claus Cake! With a cutesy, rounded face like that, the kids will fall in love with this cake right away~ And wait till you cut it open. You’ll be greeted by layers of moist Belgian dark chocolate cake that will surely put a satisfying spell on you~ 

  • Candy Cane-corn Cake 4"
  • Do you hear that galloping? While it may not be Santa’s signature red-nosed reindeer, this unicorn cake is surely all dressed up for Christmas~ With its snow-white body and its candy-corn mane and horn, this little unicorn is filled with the holiday spirit! Cheer up the kids and see them smile brightly like the Christmas lights~ 

  • Christmas Bauble Pinata Cake 6"
  • Alright, time to set up the last Christmas bauble on our Christmas tree. Hold on, why does this one look odd? Ah, that’s right! It’s a pinata-like cake in the shape of a Christmas bauble~ Just crack one open with the hammer provided. You’ll be surprised just seeing all those Christmas goodies coming out of it~ 

  • Christmas Jelly Bites
  • Just look at these soft little cuties~ Believe us when we say the kids will jump for joy the moment they see jelly Santa on their plate! Every character is crafted carefully with love in every carving. They’re also small enough to enjoy by simply popping them into your mouths! Just don’t let Santa catch you eating these~ He’ll gobble them all up!

  • Jolly Cake Pops
  • Kids simply just love popsicles. Could it be their taste? Or they way it’s eaten? With these cute, Jolly Cake Pops, the best of flavour and fun collide into one! Bringing you adorably decorated cake-lings (tiny cakes) on a stick to share with their friends and siblings~ 


  • Berry Berry Christmas Cake 4"
  • Nothing beats a festive dessert that is fully decked in the Christmas spirit. Serve up a mug of hot cocoa while exchanging stories about our lives with this cake as the centrepiece! Complete with a Christmas-sy pinecone wreath bells and a whole lot of sweets! Fill your home with the magic of Christmas for a family bonding like no other~

  • Chocolate Log Cake 6"
  • Christmas isn’t Christmas if you take away a certain type of cake: Yule Logs! And this one right here is the best you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Extremely detailed, yet not too realistic. Just the perfect blend followed by a snowman and Christmas wreath deco cutely set on top of the cake. Set the mood with this cake! 

  • Signature Classic Brownies 10"
  • The holiday season brings out the needs for wholesomeness. Be it some family love or some wholesome treats. This Christmas, why not have a wholesome time with your loved ones while enjoying some wholesome brownies to share while reminiscing on good memories~ Enter a deep conversation that’s just as deep and fudgy as these brownies~


  • Cake-ju Grazing Platter 8"
  • Christmas magic is in the air which means you no longer have to choose between sweet and savoury tastes to your dessert. The mystical powers of the holiday season bring together the flavours in perfect harmony~ The best cake to suit everyone’s palate at the office Christmas party!

  • Christmas Cake & Cupcakes Set
  • Hmm? What was that? “Why is this Christmas tree smaller than usual”? Oh, silly, that’s the piping decoration on this festive cake! Complete with mini baubles and a Christmas star on top to liven the mood in the office~ It also comes with cupcakes to complete the sweet set! Everyone can have a little bit of something to taste~ 

  • 16 Pieces of Christmas Tree Cupcake
  • Aww look how cute these little Christmas trees are~ You could just gobble them all up! Good news is, you can do just that with these festive cupcakes! All dressed up with little Christmas tree pipings~ Just make sure you leave some for the rest of your colleagues.

    And that is our list of cakes to suit Kids, Family, and Corporate vibe~ We hope you love our Christmas-sy picks! We hope you all Stay Sweet and Stay Safe! 

    Our picks aren’t really up to your Christmas expectations? Don’t worry! We have a whole catalogue of Christmas Cakes -- just click here!

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