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Every celebration marks the growth of yourself and also the precious moments during the celebration with everyone. Not only is yourself the main star of the celebration, but a fabulous cake also leads to excitement. Here we offer you different types of cakes for you to highlight the special days and make it more memorable. 

Engagement symbolizes the change of a couple's status and shows the dedication not only to each other, yet to a lifestyle change. An engagement cake is created to celebrate the couple's commitment and upcoming wedding. Our designer cake is the best option for your engagement cake. You will be amazed by its glorious design, not to mention the lip-smacking creamy taste. Thus, it’s time to kick start your wedding planning by getting our cake as your engagement cake.

Every bride and groom are unique, so do their dream wedding cake. A delightful wedding cake ties closely with the wedding theme and it is a great significance of your perfect marriage. Planning from engagement till the big day, you definitely deserve a sweet slice as a payoff for your hard work. Therefore, narrate your love story and say “I do” to your well-designed wedding cake.

The journey towards getting pregnant is overwhelming and memorable. However, the most dramatic part during pregnancy is gender reveal. It gets everyone excited as people have no idea if the mother-to-be is having a baby girl or baby boy or maybe twins!

Gender Reveal Cake 5”

A fun way to reveal your baby’s gender is by getting our Gender Reveal Cake 5”. It is a butter cake which will be filled with either pink or blue vanilla cream. With the two little bears on top and fondant stars decorated around it, it makes people feel more excited to know the gender of your lil one.

Other than gender reveal, a baby shower is also the one of the most important occasions in which your loved ones come together to express their joy towards your pregnancy. It helps to give the parents-to-be a head start on what item they need for their baby. Therefore, a baby shower cake is important as it is a celebration to welcome the new member to the family. 

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Baby shower cupcakes are the best option as appreciation for the guests. Their shower of love to the baby is the best gift to welcome your lil love. This baby themed Baby Shower Cupcakes is suitable for boys and girls and it is a great dessert to serve everyone during the gender reveal party.

Traditionally, the full moon and 100 days celebration are to celebrate the newborn arriving for a month and 100 days in good health. Full moon cake and 100 days cake symbolise good luck and fortune. After the celebration of a baby’s full moon and 100 days, another biggest celebration is the baby's 1st birthday. It is very important as this will be the 1st birthday cake for your boy or your girl.

Full Moon
Baby Full Moon Gift Box Mini Pretzels & Macaron Set

Full moon is a celebration of the newborn arriving for a month in good health. Share the joy of the newborn baby by getting our Baby Full Moon Gift Box Pretzels & Macaron Set. The gift box set has Angku Kuih, red eggs, pretzels and macarons. A perfect appreciation gift for the good blessings from everyone.
Baby Full Moon Gift Box Cookies and Cupcakes Set

Full moon is a celebration of the newborn arriving for a month in good health. Share the joy of the newborn baby by getting our Baby Full Moon Gift Box Cookies & Cupcakes Set. The gift box set has Angku Kuih, red eggs, cookies and cupcakes. A perfect appreciation gift for the good blessings from everyone.

Kid's Birthday
Baby Blue Party Cake 4”

If you can’t think of any cake for your baby’s first birthday, then get our Baby Blue Party Cake. Not only is it well decorated with a cute balloon in the middle, it also tastes creamy and delightful.
Cakes for Kids and Baby

Celebrating your boy or girl 1 year old birthday and don’t know what to choose? We got you covered. We have cakes for kids and baby collections which you can choose any design you want for your birthday boy or girl through this link: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/cake-delivery-for-kids-and-baby-kl-malaysia

Customization Cake
No celebration is complete without a cake. If you’re searching for something different for any of your special occasions, Eat Cake Today is here to fulfill you. We offer you custom made cakes and you can send in the designs you want. Our baker will showcase their creativity and passion to prepare your cake no matter if it is a gender reveal cake, baby shower cake, full moon cake, 1 year old birthday cake, 1st birthday cake or 100 days cake. If you don’t know what to choose as there are too many varieties of birthday cake for boys or birthday cake for girls, then choose your kid’s favourite character and customize one cake for your kid. So no worries if you have no cake for your special day.

You shouldn’t miss out on all the important celebrations and you should cherish these special memories with your loved ones. So what are you waiting for? Check out our website for more cake options at www.eatcaketoday.com or if you’re interested to do customization then you can fill up the customization form: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/pages/never-say-no-to-customization-cakes 

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