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Sugar Rush Simply Desserts

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There are days where we’ve all garnered an overwhelming desire to surrender to the toil of everyday stress, and with that desire, a borderline obsessive craving for the therapeutic calm that desserts bring. After all, it’s a well known fact that stressed is just desserts spelled backwards, thus justifying the need for a sugar rush. With that said, we could not help but be drawn to the aptly named Sugar Rush, a desserts-based joint hidden within the streets of SS16.

Started by Yana and her mom, Sugar Rush is a clandestine find for sweet(s) lovers. At first entry, one cannot help but be smitten by the dimly lit interior of the space. Black, sleek furniture surround the café in an undiluted manner, and a long, black table adorned with a succulent selection of homemade cakes ignites the senses and eases the mind almost instantly. While all that black may sound a tad too murky, it actually works in favor of the cakes, making them the highlight colors and charm of the shop.

But of course, you don’t visit a shop called Sugar Rush for its interior. Its desserts are what matters, and boy do they matter. Sugar Rush’s repertoire consists of a gorgeous Chocolate Mint Ganache cake with mint buttercream, to Banana cake with salted caramel, to Lemon Poppyseed cake and Semolina Almond cake. While their cakes may look wickedly rich, both Yana and her mom are diabetics, so they tend to keep the sugar level of each dessert in check, making sure your sugar rush doesn’t end in a crash and burn of the unhealthy kind.

So if you’re looking for that sweet perk in a stressful week, visit Sugar Rush at 28 Jalan Datu Abu Bakar 16/1, Petaling Jaya. Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sugar Rush is currently closed until further notice. For more information on the reopening or temporary stockists of their cakes, follow them on Facebook.

These sinfully tempting cake photographs were sourced from:
Sugar Rush Desserts
Charlene Mariesa
Mr Brian See

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