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The Accidental Bakers

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A happy accident of unforeseen talents gathering under a common motivation to procure delicious cakes concurred in the serendipitous collaboration of two random friends and the launch of an aptly named business - The Accidental Bakers. When they could not find local cakes to appease their demands, Ee-Lyn Tan and Hazwan Yazit decided to combine resources and self-taught skills to establish a line of homemade treats worth getting acquainted with. While it was not an easy path to embark on, especially since they had no professional culinary education to boot, the duo flourished through an effervescent penchant to bake and create. Eventually, The Accidental Bakers bloomed from a part time dream to a full-fledged business.

By using themselves as guinea pigs for the tasting, The Accidental Bakers have gained a long list of sinful bakes under its name. Some of their most popular cakes include the spiced pineapple and banana Hummingbird Cake topped with lime cream cheese and salted hazelnut brittle, and impressive bite-sized Snickers tart that pack a blissful punch, all of which are supplied to a stirring bevy of local cafes. But The Accidental Bakers don’t stop there; the trio's aim is to constantly keep things fresh by coming up with quirky yet successfully tasty creations such as Chai Tiramisu, Chocolate Avocado cupcakes, and even an Apam Balik chocolate and peanut butter cake!

These sinfully tempting cake photographs were sourced from:
The Accidental Bakers

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