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Want to order for cake delivery in KL by today? Here is where you can go.

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Oh no! Just remember someone’s birthday is today and you have no time to get any birthday cake for her/him. Hello.. Look here please. Eat Cake Today has same day cake delivery within 4 Hours. YES! Just 4 Hours! You can get a surprise/birthday cake delivered and what are you waiting for? Read this and see what surprise birthday cake delivery that Eat Cake Today offers to you when you can order cake online without leaving your seat.

It could be hard not to get a same day surprise cake delivery when your special one is a jovial person. Tell her/him for being your sunshine all the time with this Sunshine Korean Cake 6” The trendy minimalist cake all the way from Korea! It’s so smooth and yellow anyone would feel almost guilty just cutting a slice to enjoy. Nonetheless your sister (or maybe even your female friends *wink*) will jump for joy for getting this birthday cake on their special day~

Lotus Biscoff cake delivery has been the trend for quite some time last year and it has become the new favourite of the majority. And~ you never want to miss out on this Lotus Biscoff Mille Crepe Cake 8. Layers of vanilla crepe layered with Lotus Biscoff Cookies and creams. There’s always one who can’t get enough of Lotus Biscoff. Save them the trouble of scooping up from the jar and get them surprise same day cake delivery twice as enjoyable.

Have you ever thought that pumpkin can be that delicious in a form of cake? This moist Pumpkin Cake with cinnamon frosting is simply a must try! It is baked with fresh pumpkin instead of artificial flavouring and it is decorated with pecan nuts which adds on the cake texture. Now you can tell your mum everyone is eating healthy as you’re getting this pumpkin cake for the birthday surprise cake delivery.

Kopi Peng Satu! Do you have this one friend who always orders kopi peng when you guys eat together and his/her birthday is coming soon? Surprise them with Kopi Peng Mousse Cake 5, Mamak's style birthday cake delivery represents the unique taste of Malaysia. Not only is it super creamy, it’s also rich in flavour like you’re drinking Kopi Peng!

Who doesn’t like brownies? For your brownie enthusiast special one, give them a good surprise punch to their taste buds with this box of Assorted Brownies 8”. You can never go wrong with unique toppings in one set! Each chewy slice is readily cut for you so it’s easy to share and easy to consume! Ultimate party bites available for same day cake delivery!

Prefer something fruity, less sweet and suitable for all ages? Take this Lychee Biscoff Cake into your consideration. A vanilla chiffon cake layered with lychee custard filling and topped with longan, strawberry and mango rose. The soft and spongy chiffon cake balances well with the smooth cream. With the biscoff crumbs that add some crunches to the texture, it will definitely make you want to have more!

To all the vegans, we all know the feeling of not having much option especially when it comes to cake. Some more you need a vegan cake for same day cake delivery, it definitely increases the difficulty to search for one. Tadah! Eat Cake Today shares with you Black Sesame Cake which this vegan cake tastes so light and fluffy, that you can easily take in a few slices! The nutty aroma from black sesame paste adds the texture of the cake, DELICIOUS~

After reading this, I’m pretty sure that you’re much more relieved and confident as you can get a cake delivery within the same day. Now stop slacking and start ordering cake online for your last minute birthday surprise celebration or sudden craving. For more same day cake delivery, check out the link and order now before it’s too late: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/same-day-4-hour-cake-delivery?sort=created-descending

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