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Top Five Delightful Premium Jar Desserts You Must Try

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Individual desserts or cake jars have been the majority's all time favourite the past several years. Jar desserts and cup desserts are still trending and they will not be disappearing any time soon. No matter what occasion, you always have to think about what you need. If you’re searching for dessert delivery or online cake delivery, Eat Cake Today is the right place for you. You can get atas dessert KL and unique desserts in KL from Eat Cake Today.

5 Jars of Delectable Jar Desserts

Dessert + mason jar = a mouth-watering match made in dessert heaven. It comes with 5 different flavours: Peach Melba, Coffee Choux, Orange Chocolate, Orange Blossom Choux and Pandan Mango. With the gorgeous look and authentic taste, everyone will definitely finish it and want to have more as these special recipes are from our international award-winning pastry chef. These single servings are perfect for any occasions.

8 cups of Delightful Dessert Cups

Searching for something small and want to fulfil everyone’s taste? Get these creamy, refreshing delightful desserts cups which no one will be able to resist on its cute look. There are four different flavours: Passion Fruit Cheese with Coconut, Blueberry Yoghurt Cheese, Chocolate Mousse with Gula Melaka Crumble and also Tiramisu cups. The moist spongy cake cubes and the cream makes a good combination and everyone will love it! Best serve chilled.

Rose-Applelious Dessert Cups

Absolutely no one will resist these dessert cups. Don’t worry, we got you covered! Rosé-Applelious Chiffon cakes base with Topping Cream and Apple Filling Sprinkle with Rose Petals. It comes in a cup size which is easy to consume and easy to serve. The adorable look with the spongy, cream desserts will definitely become your new favourite. The perfect snack for any occasion!

Chrysanthemum-Hazelnutty Dessert Cups

A light dessert that's true to its name. Honey Chrysanthemum-Hazelnutty Chiffon cakes case with Honey Chrysanthemum Hazelnut Filling and topped with pretzel and hazelnut. Not only is it easy to consume, but it is also easy to serve as it comes in cup size. The taste of the desserts is suitable for all ages and they will love it so much. A wonderful dessert for your festive celebration!

Earl Grey Lotus Biscoff Dessert Cups

If you’re a tea lover then these desserts cups will be your new favourite. It is Earl Grey Chiffon cakes base with Earl Grey Milk Tea Filling and Lotus Biscoff. The after taste of this cup dessert is strong and the sweetness of the dessert is not overpowering the aroma of the Earl Grey Milk Tea. The perfect dessert for any occasion!


With the mini desserts in cups varieties Eat Cake Today offers, your celebration is going to be lid! Besides, Eat Cake Today does dessert delivery so you can stay home and do the preparation while waiting for Eat Cake Today to send these atas desserts KL and unique desserts in KL to your doorstep. Check out our Jar Dessert collection page and drop your order at: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/premium-cake-dessert-in-jars

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