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TOP 3 Best Reviewed Red Velvet Cakes From Customers

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Before we buy anything, the first thing we look at is review. We gathered some customer’s review on our top 3 most reviewed Red Velvet Cakes available on our online cake delivery website in KL/PJ from our valued customer. Let’s take a look!

TOP 3: Red Velvet Cake Bites 10”

Red Velvet Cake that is available in bite sizes. Soft red velvet sponge cake bites topped with piped cream cheese, perfect for any occasion or any festival. This is because cake bites are easy to consume and easy to share which makes the best party bites ever after a heavy meal. A 4 Hours same day delivery dessert loved by all ages!

TOP 2: Red Velvet Cake

Simplicity is the new definition of beauty. It will never go wrong to choose this red velvet cake if you have no idea what to get for your loved ones as happy birthday cake delivery. It’s a sweet marriage of moist red layer cake and white cream cheese. Affordable price with high quality taste, worth the try!

Last but not least… our TOP 1!

TOP 1: Red Velvet Cake


Bright red crumble coated around the light red velvet cake layered with cream cheese and shredded chocolate decorated on top. A delicious cake with a hint of chocolate, soft and buttery cake texture will make you fall even deeper into our red velvet cake. Even non-red velvet cake lovers will want to have more!

Customer’s review is the most powerful speaking on our online red velvet cake delivery in KL/PJ Malaysia. With its sharp red color and smooth cream cheese, red velvet cake is the right one to choose for any celebration. Grab one red velvet cake today and we deliver to your doorstep: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/flavour-red-velvet

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