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Order Online Pandan Layer Cake Delivery KL

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One question: do you eat Pandan Layer Cake layer by layer or one bite with all layers? I’m sure everyone has a different answer to this question. With this question being asked, you already know what we’re introducing to you today. Without further ado, jom tengok what pandan layer cake delivery we have from Eat Cake Today, the best online cake delivery in KL.

When it comes to pandan layer cakes, the jello layer and soft fluffy cake makes a unique combination. Just like this Pandan Gula Melaka Layer Cake 8with pandan sponge cakes hide in between Pandan Agar-Agar and Gula Melaka Agar-Agar sitting on top of the cake. The aromatic and less sweet pandan layer cake is perfect for all ages. 

More fluffiness in your Pandan Layer Cake 6” instead of the traditional layer cake without the springy jelly. Made with freshly juiced pandan, drizzled with coconut zests on top, layered with home made gula melaka cream. It taste exactly like our childhood favourite snack with the heavenly taste, one slice is not enough~

Pandan Jelly Cake 6”Soft sponge cake layered with smooth pandan flavoured jelly for a light refreshing bite every time. The shredded coconut on top and more thick jelly layers adds on the texture to this amazing flavour. You can send this to your loved ones during Ramadhan/ Hari Raya and enjoy this Malaysian flavour cake together.

Take pandan layer cake to a new level with another Malaysian’s favourite dessert, Cendol Agar Layer Cake 8”. Three local flavours in one cake, pandan sponge cake and three layers of agar flavors of pandan, gula melaka and santan with the cendol topping along. Less sweet, perfectly balanced refreshing dessert during this hot weather!


Pandan Layer Cake is all Malaysian’s favourite childhood snacks. Let’s throwback the good old days, enjoying delicious pandan layer cakes with your family and friends while sipping your drink. Order your pandan layer cake delivery in KL/PJ online now and we deliver pandan layer cake to you at https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/layer-cakes

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