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The Most Earthy Brownies That Won’t Keep You Down To Earth!

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Are you a brownies enthusiast that would kill to actually feel the dank, earthy sensation of well-baked brownies? Whoa there, chill! We got you covered when it comes to this~ No need to go on a brownies frenzy, there’s enough for everyone. Especially with this list of 8 most earthy brownies that will keep you coming for more! 

Extra points for you if you live in Kuala Lumpur, Klang, or Petaling Jaya area because these babies are a lot more closer to home than you may think! And we’ll save you the “Bakery Near Me” google search by delivering it straight to your doorstep! Now, without further ado, let’s jump right into the goods! 


  • Cranberry Brownies
  • Starting the list off strong with an added tarty-sweet sensation to your deep and chocolatey brownies! The cranberries really set these brownies apart from the rest of its kind. The sweetened tartiness brings out the fudginess, teamed up with a glaze of salted caramel sauce and almond praline to truly have a party in your tastebuds. 

  • Keto Brownies with Chocolate Drizzle
  • Yes, there are also have “cheat day” brownies that won’t affect your diet! Can’t really have a cheat day if it tastes delicious while also leaning on the healthier side. Low on carbs, no sugar, but just as divine as regular brownies

  • Vegan Ultimate Choc Brownies 9"
  • It doesn’t really matter if you’re a vegan or just trying to cut down on unhealthy eating habits, these brownies aren’t just free from animal products, they’re also sugar-free! Do you know what that means? It means anyone can enjoy these brownies without the fear of putting on too much weight~

  • Stacked Brownies
  • What if you could climb a whole mountain of brownies? Just imagine tearing off tiny bits and snack on them as you continue your climb. Unfortunately, such a thing is impossible, but these stacked brownies here are the next best thing! Just look at the gorgeous brownies formation, with freshly picked brownies and a cascade of chocolate sauce beckoning you~ 

  • Birthday Design Classic Brownie
  • You don’t have to wait for your birthday to enjoy these stylistically designed brownies~ A fudgy end to a crispy crust awaits! Or you could give it to a friend for their birthday and enjoy this wonderful treat together? There’s enough brownies for the both of you~ 

  • Brownies 9"
  • So far, we’ve seen a whole bunch of twists and turns to your favourite brownies. But what if you just wanted to enjoy the basic, classic brownies? This one here might just hit the spot! It’s crispier, munchier, and more cocoa fun! A simple yet effective upgrade to your brownies

  • Vegan Coffee Almond Brownie 7"
  • Especially made for the vegans that wishes to be a little nutty with their brownies. No animal products are used in the making of these brownies. Only the familiar taste of morning coffee, dense chocolate, and munchy nuts~ 

  • Vegan Chocolate Orange Brownie 7"
  • Or maybe you’re the type of vegan that just wants to hang around and enjoy a little tang to their brownies? Then take a look at this bad boy! It’s everything you’d want in your brownies and more~ No animal products, extra fudgy, with orange zests and fresh mandarin orange slices on top! Freshness overload! 

    We may have different tastes in brownies, but we share one thing in common -- flavour is what unites us! We from Eat Cake Today cater all kinds of tastes, from the ones who like it classic or those who dare to try something new. All this without having to search for a “Bakery Near Me”! 

    Not really digging these earthy brownies? Don’t worry! Check out our full collection of only the finest brownies by clicking here!

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