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The Delicious Carrot Cake Recipe

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The delicious carrot cake, with its fantastic spice taste, super moist crumb, and soft cream cheese are frozen. To make the taste more delicious, add brown sugar and toasted pecan.

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Food photo created by valeria_aksakova - www.freepik.com

Food photo created by valeria_aksakova - www.freepik.com

To carrot cake lover do you have this idea where every year you make your own anniversary carrot cake? This is really the perfect recipe for carrot cake. The fresh carrots and the most divine cream cheese frosting are perfectly moist and delicious. This delicious carrot cake was loved by many.

Best Tips to Make Carrot Cake

  • Cover the cake panes with paper. Put your cake pans on a pastry paper tray. Mark the bottom of the cake pan with a pen and cut circles. Oil pan paper. Cakes will not spread through pastry paper rounds.
  • Make sure you have enough time to prepare it. One of the great things about carrot cake, even after a whole day, is it gets better over time. The flavors blend, moisture prevails in the layers of cream cheese. It's nonsensically sweet. One day in advance, you should frost the cake. Keep in the freezer and bring to room temperature before serving, if necessary.
  • It is best to use carrots that have been freshly chopped.


The spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove make a strong carrot cake. These three complement add flavor on carrot cake. It's a delicious fruit cake, that can not find on any other cake.

This standard recipe for carrot cake sets everywhere. It's cool and toasted with pecans.

It primarily has brown sugar, nuts, ginger, and carrot flavor. Ginger adds the finest zing, so it's not overweight. The cake is thick, but every ginger tastes very lush and sweet. When prepared, the taste increases, and cream cheese frost enters the layers for a delicious taste.

How to Make the Carrot Cake?

It's simply not worth it if it isn't moist-on-your-back-fork. Here are the ingredients for a moist carrot cake: 

Freshly chopped carrots: No.1 carrot tip is at home to thoroughly chopped carrots. Don't use pre-shredded packaged carrots as hard and dry. For this recipe, you need about four big carrots. And you will remember how wet they are when you grate them. This is Premium moisture, and you don't want to miss it for your baked cake!

Brown Sugar: Some carrot cake recipes, mostly grained sugar-sweetened. It’s good, but granular sugar doesn't do extra, except sweetening the cake. Not just sweet cake, brown sugar contains a lot of taste and humidity. This is just... the best!

Oil: To make it juicy and soft, cakes need fat. Mostly love to use butter as fat for soft cakes like vanilla cake and white cake. Butter also gives them flavor. However, this recipe use smell-free oil for carrot cake that tastes other ingredients.

Applesauce: Add some applesauce to avoid smelling the cake too moist (wet) and oily. You can also use pineapple crushed, too! These tastes are perfectly combined with brown sugar and spices.

Finally, Bake it

This delicious cake is easy to make, so go through it step by step.  

  • Start to shift to the oven with pecans.
  • Spread on a breadcrumb and bake for about 8 minutes.
  • It is optional toast nuts. Toasting pecans produces a rich nutty flavor that is amazing.
  • Let the nuts cool down and start the batter for a couple of minutes.
  • Start by 2 bowls mixing. Mix in a bowl with the dry ingredients. Use another bowl with wet ingredients.
  • Mix all together with carrots, chopped, and toasted almonds. For the cake batter, you need no mixer.

This recipe can be baked in a 9 x 13-inch pan instead of a layer cake.

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