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The Cool and Sweet Ice Cream Cakes For Delivery

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Whether children or adults, we all love ice cream, this ancient invention that has modern sweetness twists. Of course, it can cool you down when the atmosphere grows hot, very suitable for the folks in tropical zones. The Malaysian like any other love these recipes too, and ice cream cakes are definitely one of the favorites among many options. Eat Cake Today offers cake delivery within four hours, with the good heat insulation delivery mode, be sure to enjoy the cake in its optimum form. 

Doesn't a combination of vanilla and raspberry sound lovely?

Now, coupled with ice cream's way of representation, this Vanilla Raspberry Cake 8" can work wonders for your body. You will love this feeling of having a nicely done ice cream cake. 

Matcha, the Japanese name for green tea, and yes, this Matcha Ice Cream Cake 8" is inspired by the many tea products out there. However, the talented bakers are always striving to come out with better recipes. This one with lotus biscuit as an ingredient will add another layer of satisfaction to your taste bud. 

Raise your hand if you didn't watch a single episode of Sesame Street. Elmo Big Bird, and we never missed out the cute blue character, Cookie Monster! The Cookie Monster Ice Cream Cake 8" is ready to wall up your ice cream cake, hurry, compete with your speed to beat the monster before it melts. 

Now you see, now you don't. Yes, we know those famous one liner commercials. Now this ice cream cake rides on the black and white cookie to bring you another round of taste bud trip to wonderland. Everybody loves the sweet coldness of the Oreo Ice Cream Cake and the crunchy biscuits too. 

The ice-cream cakes are made from imported premium ingredients - like New Zealand dairy and French Valrhona chocolate. Rich premium gelato helps to intensify the taste. This is not your ordinary ice-cream cake but a specialty made out of love. Enjoy the very best of Valrhona Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Cake today. 

Please drop by to the collection link to choose your favourite ice cream cake among many varieties available for birthday cake delivery: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/ice-cream-cakes-delivery

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