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The All New Best Flavour Trending Cakes That You Must Eat!

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Eat Cake Today presents to you the all new premium cakes on board! We provide a variety of new, tasty cakes to you on a regular basis so that you may taste trendy cakes from us. These latest cakes are outstanding cakes with various patterns and tastes that will appeal to everyone.

  • Pastel Snowskin Mooncakes
  • Mid-autumn is coming to town…! These good looking snowskin mooncakes are made with natural colouring from fruits and come with different flavours that you must try! Soft and chewy snowskin and creamy-velvety paste that one bite is not enough!

  • Medovik Russian Honey Cake 9"
  • Looking for something special? This 100% pure Honey cake with zero artificial colouring and flavour will surprise you! Made with premium pure honey and its buttery and milky taste will melt your heart!

  • Macaron Cake 6”
  • We present to you the latest trending macaron cake, the “biggest macaron”! Can’t get enough of ordinary macaron? We got you this 4 layer macaron cake, not just nice looking but taste great!

  • Dinosaur Jelly Cake 4"
  • Run! It’s Jurassic World dominating! Can’t think of what to give to your children? This cute dinosaur jelly cake will win their heart! Freshly made with pandan flavoured chewy jelly that will leave a memorable celebration for them!

  • Taiwanese JiuFen Purple Sweet Potato Mille Crepe Cake 8"

    You don’t see this every day, the purple-ish mille crepe cake! This cake is freshly made with purple sweet potato from Taiwan and paper-thin crepes layered with creamy fresh cream and sweet potato paste which makes it so delicate and refreshing!

  • Matcha Kit Kat Assorted Brownies 8"
  • How can you resist these assorted brownies that are topped with walnut, Nutella, matcha ganache, cranberries, and almond flavours? Crispy crackly top, very rich and creamy centre, and gooey in the perfect places!

  • Classic Tiramisu Flower Pot

  • Can you imagine that? Our weird but unique looking tiramisu cake in a flower pot! Dive into our rich coffee-infused sponge cake combined with layers of fresh and milky mascarpone cream cheese and covered with cocoa powders then finally topped with plant-design whipped cream! 

  • Musang King Durian Burnt Cheesecake
  • How can you say no to this Musang King Durian Burnt Cheesecake? Durian and cheesecake make a good partner with the authentic musang king durian and premium cream cheese that will melt-in-your mouth! It is unstoppable that you will crave for more!

    Enough of talking, hurry and place your order with our monthly new arrival cakes!

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