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Tedboy Bakery

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Stripping baked goods down to wholesome, neighborhood delights is Tedboy, a bakery in Bangsar that needs very little introduction. Named after their son, Tedboy is a labor of love between husband and wife duo, Edward and Petrina. While neither have a background in baking, their passion to own and run a bakery over the years has made Tedboy a staple Bangsar establishment to get your buns on.

Oreo Cheesecake Tedboy Jalan Telawi BangsarTiramisu Cake Tedboy Bakery Jalan Telawi Bangsar

Freshly baked loafs of breads lay await on display cases by the window, enticing passerbys to enter and choose among the vast array of other goodies that beckon. A spread of danishes, puffs, croissants, and tarts shift your appetite into motion as you make your selection. Their cranberry-apricot bread is beautifully airy and fruity, while their deliciously dense sourdough remains and rustic favorite. Custard buns and mini chocolate croissants are great treats for the kiddos, and it’s hard to resist the flaky sweetness of Tedboy’s Banana Danish with just a hint of vanilla. And then there’s the counter filled with cakes, from brownies made with Valrhona chocolate, to the zesty tang of their lemon meringue, to the luxuriously velvety salted hazelnut praline. Tedboy also sells whole cakes for the enjoyment of happy events and gatherings.

While Tedboy mostly caters to takeaways, they’ve also brought meals to their menu. You can enjoy sandwiches with freshly blended smoothies, or have a go at their pasta dishes. And if you’re dining with some little ones, Tedboy’s got you covered with mini meals like mini pancakes and mini burgers.

Tedboy is located at 10 Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar, and opens 8am to 9pm.

Tedboy Bangsar Jalan TelawiOpera Cake Bangsar Jalan Telawi

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