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New Year 2022, More New Cakes On Board

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Happy New Year everyone! A new year means giving yourself a chance to try something new. Eat Cake Today introduces more new cakes to all the cake lovers, let’s check it out now!

  1. Vintage Cherry Cake

The minimalist design of this Korean-style cake has enough personality to bring out the flavours of your choice. Even better, it will make itself right at home on your Instagram feed!

  1. It's My Day! Korean Cake 6"

Simple and aesthetic is the new beauty. Three signature flavours of sponge cake base for you to choose. Anyone who gets this as their birthday cake will fall in love with the taste and designs

  1. 4 in 1 Mini Burnt Cheesecake Combo Set

A heaven for burnt cheesecake lovers. 4 different flavours in one set, surely there’s one that satisfies everyone’s flavour preference. Smooth, creamy and melt-in-mouth texture will make you want to have more!

  1. Oreo Chocolate Cake

Oreo and Chocolate always make the perfect marriage of flavour. Rich, creamy and moist butter cake.. All kids are gonna love it!

  1. Tempura Sushi Cake 6”

To someone that prefers savoury rather than sweet, you can check out these freshly made sushi cakes! Especially if you like Tempura

  1. Keto Raspberry Ripple Cake

Tender low carb cake with a delicious filling of cream cheese and fresh raspberries. A perfect addition to any holiday brunch. Refreshing~

  1. Fresh Purple Potato Yam Cake

The perfect cake for purple potato yam fans! Not too sweet and it’s light, fluffy, definitely the best cake that is suitable for all ages.

  1. Hazelnut Chocolate Cake

This wonderful mixture of hazelnut and chocolate is so gorgeous and chocolaty. Topped with almonds, Hershey’s chocolates, fancy pretzels, and sprinkled with an assortment of chocolate balls, this cake is really the best thing ever.

  1. Lemon Chiffon Cake 6”

We use Fresh lemon and Fresh Lemon Zest for this Lemon Chiffon Cake. Light, airy cake that is bursting with the sweet scent from the lemons. It’s a perfect slice of cake to enjoy with coffee or tea! The perfect combination ever.

Check out our new arrival cakes and order now: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/new-cake-arrivals

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