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International Women’s Day: 8 Glamorous Cakes For 8th of March

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The sweetest way to celebrate Women’s Day is by getting cakes for your lady. Eat Cake Today has a huge collection of cakes that you can order for Women’s Day. Let’s check out their Women’s Day Cakes collection now:

  1. Darling Flora Cake


Save all the money buying two items when you can have both cake and flowers in one. Suitable as a centrepiece for any formal setting and comes in seven (7) amazing flavours to choose!

  1. IWD Blooming Bouquet Cake 4"

Sweeten the mood with this Blooming Bouquet Cake with buttercream flowers in purple. Wrapped with Chanel jacket-inspired fabric and tied with black ribbon and LED Light.

  1. IWD Beautiful & Powerful Cake 4"

Celebrate International Women’s Day with this beautiful cake. 8 unique cake base flavours for you to choose!

  1. IWD Incredible Love Cake 4"

Send this as a greeting of Women's day to all the incredible women. Tell them that they didn’t only shine on today but every day!

  1. 8 Pieces of Be Your Own Queen Cupcakes

"You are special, You are Unique and You are The Best! You are your queen!"

Celebrate with the amazing women around you in March 💜⁠ during International Women's Day with this Be Your Own Queen Cupcakes.

  1. Rose Lychee Cake 6” 

With a unique twist of fruit and floral, the combination of rose and lychee will definitely surprise your taste buds that are fragrant yet refreshing.

  1. Rose Bouquet Jelly Cake 6”

Coconut flavoured jelly roses don't only look amazing, but they taste amazing as well! Light and not too sweet, they are the perfect gift for that very special someone to celebrate their birthday or this upcoming Mother's Day! 

  1. 12 Pieces of Korean-style Macaron


French pastry macaron is piped with cream and stuffed with all sorts of ingredients such as fruits, marshmallow. The ingredients in the macarons definitely add on the flavour and texture to the macaron.

Check out for more Women’s Day cakes and Order NOW to enjoy 8% OFF on All Cakes at: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/womens-day-collection

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