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How to Celebrate Birthday during FMCO?

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

bet everyone has got used to the MCO mood with all kinds of celebrations cancelled including your birthday. Don’t be sad too early as you can make your FMCO birthday celebration more fun by getting birthday cake delivery from Eat Cake Today. So how to celebrate a birthday during FMCO even if you're celebrating your birthday with your family only, partners or alone? Scroll down to read more!

1. Get a birthday cake delivery designated for your birthday celebration such as Korean Cakes, Monogram Cake, 21st Birthday Cakes or any cake flavours you love.

A birthday celebration is just a cake away. You can take a look at our birthday cake delivery provided by Eat Cake Today. They have a huge variety of birthday cakes for delivery such as cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, Korean cakes. 

From the simplest design Korean cake, creamy mille crepe cake to glorious designer cake, surely there’s one that suits your birthday celebration theme or you can check out the different collections of cakes they have.

2. Birthday is only once in a year, decorate your house or room with balloons. 

Make your FMCO Birthday Party more dreamy and memorable by having the best balloon delivery within KL, PJ Selangor Malaysia. Even though you might only celebrate birthdays alone or with your loved ones, birthdays are only once in a year.

Instead of hand pump all the balloons yourself, surprise the birthday star with hi-float helium balloons from Eat Cake Today. You can send these birthday balloons as wishes too to your friends!

3. Save all your cooking time by ordering savoury food, savoury cakes or mini quiche

If you are too lazy or have no idea what to cook for your birthday, do consider obtaining savoury foods such as Hainanese Chicken Rice Savory Cake by Eat Cake Today as your birthday cake delivery. 

You can also get some mini quiche or mini lasagna which is easy to share and easy to consume with your loved ones. Hassle free and save a lot of work to clean the kitchen!

4. Improve yourself and spend your leisure hour with a new hobby, for instance: planting and flower arrangement.

No need to cook on your birthday then you absolutely have a lot of ME time. A way to spend your time wisely: enjoy your hobby or learn something new with flower delivery from an online florist/flower shop near me, Eat Cake Today. 

You can learn how to grow your orchid or if you got some fresh flowers, you can also learn how to do flower arranging, making dried flowers or let the birthday celebration more meaningful by taking pictures with soap flowers.

There are many more interesting ways to celebrate your birthday during FMCO. Easy as ABC where you get everything from ECT, Eat Cake Today! Enjoy your FMCO Birthday celebration and we deliver happiness to your doorstep. Discover more for Birthday Cake Delivery and order now at https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/happybirthday-cakes

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