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Happy, Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Cake! Umm cake? Oh no, forgot the cake for your birthday bash? And you’re stumped on thinking about the type of cake you’d want to properly represent the occasion? 

Put those worries to rest -- let these brownies melt your woes away like the way they melt in your mouth with endless chocolatey decadence~ But they’re not your typical everyday brownies. They’re baked with only the unique special recipe in every cake. So save your “Bakery near me” Google search and take a gander at these brownie beauties! 

  • Brownies 9"
  • Kicking off the list of classic favourites, it’s the Brownies you know and love! Or is it? You may be familiar with its square (or rectangular) shape, but these brownies aren’t like any other ones out there! We believe moist brownies are the way to go. So we did just that with this one -- but we amplified its earthy kick (and a fair amount of salted caramel drizzle for the added oomph!)

  • Stacked Brownies
  • Up the fudge vibe to any party. Especially if a hefty tower of brownies looms majestically over you. Watch this natural brownie formation with zen as the soft chocolate cascade down the bodies of brownies. Not to mention the freshly-picked fruits that beautify the entire thing. Nothing but harmony, especially after the first bite~

  • Vegan Chocolate Orange Brownie 7"
  • What if you could give your party an exhilarating yet calming experience with only one brownie? That’s where this chocolate and orange combo comes in! Beauty doesn’t have to be a perfect mix. There’s even beauty to be found in contrast. The rich and lush chocolate meets the fresh, zesty orange. Now that’s a show-stopping brownie. All this without a single animal product in use~ 

  • Gluten Free Madagascar Brownies 9"
  • When we hear “Madagascar”, we think of stuff like their epic and exotic wildlife. And you’re thinking of introducing some of those vibes to your party? These brownies will prove to be quite the wild ride in terms of flavour. It’s super light yet magnificently rich and layered with nuts. Gluten-free, but still packs a punch~ 

  • Vegan Coffee Almond Brownie 7"
  • Or maybe you know a few coffee lovers coming to your party. Nothing like a quick surprise to put a smile on not only their face but yours as well! The bold aroma and taste of a lovely morning, packed in one sexy body of chocolate coffee cake and almond toppings. Don’t forget to keep it in a cute little box for a true surprise! 

  • Vegan Choc Fudge Brownies 9"
  • Some people enjoy their brownies with an extra crisp. Some like it chewy. Some also like it fudgy. But what if we mix all those brownies goodies together? Just imagine a satisfying crunch as you first sink your teeth into the brownie. And then feel a gush of chocolatey earthiness flood your tastebuds as you munch your way to flavour heaven~ 

  • Gluten Free Brown Cow Brownies 10"
  • Maybe you’re a cowboy fan and want something to truly bring out the yeehaw to your birthday bash. Put on your best cowboy hat and lasso up one of these brownies! Dressed up in a cowhide-like pattern of cream cheese to truly bring the excitement of the wild west to your party~ 

  • Vegan Ultimate Choc Brownies 9"
  • Everyone has their own answer to what they consider to be the “ultimate” version of something. Would you like to listen to our take on what the ultimate brownies should be like? The brownies should taste twice as good as regular ones without abusing ingredients like sugar and animal products -- or using them at all! Now this is the true healthy alternative to your favourite dessert~ 

  • Sea Salt Almond Brownies 10"
  • If your party takes place under the sea, add a bit more addictive sea-saltiness to your chocolate brownies~ Who knows, maybe Ariel may stop by just to have a taste of the sea salt brownies. With an extra hefty serving of Almonds for you nutty enthusiasts! There’s a reason why this is considered a classic combo -- and you can never beat the classics! 

  • Brownie Bars
  • Sometimes every slice of brownies may seem unfair. Some may be bigger than others and vice versa. But these brownies are here to shut down this problem with a fun-sized cut fit for everyone! All you have to do is to serve them on a plate and everyone will get their own fair slice of fun~ 

    Brownies were meant to be shared from the moment of its accidental discovery. And we from Eat Cake Today sprinkled a little bit of our special special recipe to make these classic treats as enjoyable as possible! And may your birthday bash be a memorable one~ 

    Not really into our picks? That’s alright! That’s just a part of our brownies collection! Click here to check out our full brownies catalogue! 

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