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Creative Cake/Gift with Ferrero Rochers That Will Melt Your Heart

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

We all know that one friend who can’t get enough of Ferrero Rochers. If you think getting one box of Ferrero Rochers chocolate is too odd, make it more creative. Eat Cake Today has a series of creative cakes or gifts that are made with Ferrero Rochers. Let’s check it out!

Ferrero Roche Cake: Ferrero Rocher infused cake, chocolate hazelnut cake sandwiched with Nutella buttercream. Rich, moist and chocolatey, simple design yet it can get any chocolate cake or Ferrero Rochers lovers go crazy over it. The level of sweetness is just so right that it is suitable for kids too!

Finally we get to save the Nutella lover the trouble of scooping up the remains of a Nutella jar and get them something twice as enjoyable. These Ferrero Rocher Nutella Cupcakes are the best party bites for any occasion and gathering. They are easy to share, easy to consume… surely get us hassle free on cleaning. 

Making a snack bouquet such as this Ferrero Bouquet takes so much time and effort. Meanwhile you can send something different to your lover by getting these Ferrero Rochers arranged in a bouquet with White Baby Breath. Something unique for her/his birthday Insta feed, more love for you this year!

A simple way to express your love is by sending a Hot Air Balloon Ferrero Rocher Box. Customized messages on balloons are applicable and you can choose any colour you like. Besides, you can add on 100% high-quality Bird's Nest with American Ginseng, White Fungus, and Rock Sugar. A way to wish your bestie to stay young, pretty and happy.

Express your love with Alexander Fresh Flower Box, you won’t be shy with these impressive roses with eucalyptus and some Ferrero Rocher chocolate. All wrapped together with a premium black box and gold ribbon. With a personalized message on the card, the whole gift becomes more expressive and lovely.

These Ferrero Rocher desserts, cakes and gifts are too special and it makes them the perfect gift for any celebration. Browse for more details about our Ferrero Rocher collections: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/ferrero-rochers-collection

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