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Where To Buy Birthday Cakes For Boys from Online Cake Delivery?

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Getting a birthday cake for girls vs birthday cake for boys is a totally different level of hardness. Birthday cake for girls can be so easy but for boys.. It is the hardest thing in the world. Let’s make it easier by just ordering from Eat Cake Today. Stay with us and take a look at what birthday cakes for boys Eat Cake Today have.

Is your birthday boy interested in farm animals such as baby chicks? Invite this cake home and join the birthday boy’s party this year. Four unique flavours as the cake base coated with Swiss Meringue buttercream, moist and less sweet cake that is suitable for kids.

Whoa, was that a roar? But why does it sound so cute? Oh, no wonder! It’s coming from these chewy jello cakesicles~ The perfect cake for your little dinosaur rancher. Watch them befriend this adorable cake. These jelly cakesicles are less sweet with zero preservatives and zero artificial. Best dessert ever during this hot weather.

This cake here is a party all by itself! Other than two signature butter cake flavours: Classic Buttercake and Moist, Rich Chocolate as the cake base, there’s no shortage of buttercream decorating the dessert. The true centrepiece of this cake is the fun balloon topper! 

Dead body on a cake reported! The one with the cake knife seems sus! But not as sus as the cute and colourful spacemen from the hit online game, Among Us on this super moist cake~ You’ll easily make an Among Us player’s day with it! Just don’t vote them out. The birthday boy who loves to play Among Us is gonna love it!

That shark is swimming towards your child! Oh, wait. Never mind; it’s just a baby shark coming to sing and dance with your little angel~ So, why not join in on the fun and sing and dance along to the famous Baby Shark song? 

Bento Cake is surely the perfect cake for a small family, specially made for non sweet tooth. Now you have no worries on can't finish the cake because this cake is made with rich chocolate and fluffy cream. It’s oh-so-delicious and creamy with a cute fondant bear sitting on top of the mini cake. Plus you can easily carry it anywhere inside a cute bento box.

Now you know where to buy birthday cakes for boys. Just order from Eat Cake Today as they have a huge variety of birthday cakes perfectly designated for boys. Check out the link below for more cakes for kids and baby and grab yours today from Eat Cake Today: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/cake-delivery-for-kids-and-baby-kl-malaysia

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