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Best Online Cartoon Cake Delivery For Kids Delivery Malaysia

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Birthday celebration once in a year and it also marks down the growth of your kids. In order to make every year’s birthday celebration even more memorable, parents will make the birthday party thematic and well organized. We never forget about the main showstopper of the party, a cartoon birthday cake! It is never easy to get cartoon birthday cakes that are nice in design but also high quality. Plus, you will be busy preparing for the celebration. Here, Eat Cake Today has it all with cartoon cake delivery! Jom tengok the cartoon birthday cake or kek cartoon available for delivery at Eat Cake Today.

Roarrr! The dinosaurs are invading your birthday celebration! Surprise your kids with the moist and creamy Dinos Are Roarsome Cake 4”. The green color eye-catching dessert jolly up the party and makes one’s party more memorable. You can even choose either classic butter cake or belgian chocolate cake as the cake base!

Watch out! That shark is swimming towards your child! Oh, wait. It’s a Shuck! It’s a Shark Cake 4 coming to sing and dance with your little angel~ So, why not join in on the fun and sing and dance along to the famous song? A cute shark themed party must always have this cake which you can have the signature butter cake or the all-time-favourite belgian chocolate to be the cake base.

Does your kid have a huge collection of teddy bears? If yes, then you can plan a teddy bear themed birthday party and get this Brown Bear Cake 6” as the best cartoon birthday cake for the party. 4 unique cake flavours for you to select with smooth chocolate buttercream on the outside. Kek cartoon yang mesti ada untuk party tema bear.

Under the sea~ under the sea~  there are mermaid friends for you and me! You little one who is a big fan of the little mermaid will fall in love with this cake! Take a dip and have fun with the edible Swimming with Mermaids Cake 4” at your dreamy ocean mermaid themed party You can even customise the name on the shell above sea if you want! A gorgeous cartoon cake delivery that will make all the little girls ask their parents for one. Kek cartoon that your girl paling suka!

It’s not wrong to get the bear themed party well done. , get our Glossy Lychee Jelly Cake and buzz the excitement of the guests. The detailed jelly crafted needs to be well appreciated and it will be the right dessert to cool down the heat wave, along with its soft chewy pandan taste. Not only is it refreshing, it is also less sweet which makes this cute cartoon cake delivery more meaningful as it suits everyone!

Adorable rabbit cartoon jelly cake delivery is a must for every kid’s birthday. You can also get this Rabbit Jelly Cake for Easter. The colourful jelly cake and the layer of juicy Longan make an add on to the chewiness of the jelly cake. This colourful jelly cartoon cake is the perfect dessert for a children's party or any rabbit enthusiast, best served chilled!

Every girl has the fantasy of having a unicorn as a pet. Surprise a unicorn fan with this Unicorn Jelly Cake which is the ideal cartoon cake delivery. Unicorn Jelly Cake made of Pandan Longan flavor where you can taste bits of Longan flesh. Everyone will fall in love with the elegant look and heavenly taste of it. This pandan longan flavoured jelly cake will be perfect for any event for kids and suitable to be consumed for all ages!

Last but not least, a cartoon designer cake is definitely the centerpiece of the celebration like this Flamingo Sunset Cake 5”. A cute cartoon cake that is suitable for an animal themed party or pink color themed celebration. Not to forget to appreciate how detailed it is with a flamingo sitting on top of the cake, along with sweet treats all over the cake.

Still can’t find the cartoon cake/kek cartoon that is perfectly designated for your kid’s party. Don’t worry we have a list of cartoon cakes that has delivery available with Eat Cake Today. Dapatlah kek cartoon untuk anak anda dari kami! Check out for more cakes for kids and baby delivery at:


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