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8 Best Mid Autumn Gift/Mooncakes To Get For Mid Autumn Festival 2022

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Mooncake season is quickly arriving once more! With the Mid-Autumn Festival occurring on 10th September 2022, it's time to start looking for the greatest mooncakes or mid-autumn gift & hamper in town. We've developed a cheat guide for you to stock up on the greatest mooncakes and mooncake gifts out there if you're a fan or seeking where to acquire some to give to your loved ones.

  • 6 Pieces of Musang King Snowy Mooncakes
  • Are you a big fan of durian? This is the savoury Musang King Durian Snowy Mooncakes encased with a beautiful box which is perfect for mid-autumn festival gifting! 100% made with Musang King Durian flesh, it not just tastes like Durian but looks like a Durian too! You will definitely fall in love with this divine Durian lava snowy mooncakes!

  • Mid Autumn Mooncake Box
  • Our Mid Autumn Mooncake Box is presented in an exquisite hand carried elegant box with deep ruby red, colour that is reminiscent of classic mooncake boxes but with a contemporary and trendy twist. This mooncake gift set contains 4 different types of less sweet mooncakes. Aromatic Green Tea Mooncake, Classic Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake, Pure Jade Mooncake and Ultimate Tiramisu paste with chocolate Lava and 4 packets of snacks such as Peanuts and Kuaci which is the ideal mooncake gift during this upcoming festival! 

  • 2 sets of 2D Snow Skin Bunny Mooncakes
  • Looking for something unique for your mooncake festival? We present to you the 2D Snow Skin Bunny Mooncakes! It comes with three different flavours, Creamy Custard, Fragrant Green Tea and Rich Chocolate that are marvellous to share with your loved one! These cute little bunnies are not just nice looking, but very tasty! It will melt-in-your-mouth and also melt in your heart too! Don’t worry, “no bunnies are killed for this”. Come and grab it for mooncake festival gifting!

  • Rabbit Osmanthus Jelly Mooncake
  • How can you say no to this cute little rabbit osmanthus jelly mooncakes? These little rabbits are made with natural and fragrant osmanthus together with Lycium and sweet  Longan within the jelly mooncakes shine out gently, making this beautiful Chinese treat stand out which is a lovely present for your loved one during this mooncake festival.

  • Rabbit Jelly Cake

    Is it a rabbit or a bunny? Both are! This wonderful jelly cake with the layer of fresh and juicy Longan combined with the chewiness of the jelly makes it so refreshing and just nice to consume! It’s definitely suitable for any age and occasion, especially this mooncake festival.

  • Mid Autumn Mooncake & Flower Box
  • Still looking for a mid-autumn hamper or gift for your family or friends? We present to you our unique and elegant design of mooncake and flower box with the combo of the delectable Taiwanese mooncake with salted egg yolk and blossoms creates a fantastic moment for you and your household that is ready to be preserved.

  • 4 Pieces of Sunny Baked Mooncakes

  • Minimalist yet a good looking packaging with some traditional Chinese pattern with four signature mooncakes which are Black sesame with sesame seeds, Green tea, Pu Er with melon seed and Lotus with melon seed and yolk. The ideal mooncake gift to cherish with your loved one!

  • Mooncake Tower
  • Don’t be surprised with our exclusive mooncake tower! It may sound crazy but it’s very tasty and decorated with premium fresh berries and flowers which is perfect for a party, tea time, or as a centrepiece!

    It’s never too late to pick your ideal gift during this mooncake festival. Hurry up and look through Eat Cake Today!

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