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21st Birthday Cake For Girls, September Babies Must Check This Out!

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There’s a secret sweetness for everyone’s 21st Birthday. On a budget for your 21st Birthday for Girls home celebration? Get it all from Eat Cake Today! We have a collection of birthday cakes perfect as 21st Birthday for girls. Check it out now!

Chocolate French Box

Moist and soft chocolate sponge cake layered with dark chocolate ganache, hazelnut praline, and chocolate Chantilly cream. The rubix cube-like design makes the cake stand out like the birthday girl. All the awesome flavours hidden in it, chocolate taste is refined and sweetness is perfectly balanced, such decadence.

Santorini Korean Cake 6”

And here’s another trendy minimalist cake all the way from Korea! It’s so smooth and a little bit of aesthetic colour that anyone would feel almost guilty just cutting a slice to enjoy. Nonetheless your sister (or maybe even your female friends *wink*) will jump for joy for getting this birthday cake on their special day~

Guinness Bavarois Cake

Sometimes the right alcohol makes for the best birthday parties especially if they’re a big fan of Guinness. Then you’re in luck! The lucky September baby will get their own Premium alcoholic cake, authorized by Guinness given by none other than you! (Or perhaps you’re the one born in lucky September?)

Rose Bouquet Jelly Cake 6”

Perfect gift for that beautiful, special person in your life. These coconut flavoured jelly roses don't only look amazing, but they taste amazing as well! Light and not too sweet, they are the perfect gift for that very special someone to celebrate their 21st birthday or this upcoming Valentine's Day! Rose to the occasion and definitely the most memorable 21st birthday cake.

Bento Cake

Korean Bento Cake is not over. Something small, simple and cute will get all girls go aww, like these Teddy Bear Bento Cake 4”, Unicorn Bento Cake 4”. Moist chocolate sponge cake with fresh cream, light and not too sweet plus insta-worthy. The perfect 21st birthday cake for girls and birthday girl will love you the most as she has the best 21st insta post this year!

September is just few days away and if you’re lacking idea on what 21st birthday cake is for girls, check us out then! Of course, this 21st Birthday Cake collection is not only suitable for girls, it is perfect for any age! Browse more 21st Birthday Cake Collection and order now, https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/21st-birthday-cakes

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