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电召蛋糕 - 当日订购,同日配送

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    ”电召蛋糕“ 和 “电召车” 一样方便,即使足不出户,也能在家享用美味的蛋糕!如今,马来西亚首创网上蛋糕订购和配送门户网站 “Eat Cake Today” ,只要弹指间即刻能享用美味蛋糕。
    同时,“当日订购,同日配送” 是其一大特点, 并可提供4个小时内快速配送服务。大部分的蛋糕都是有家庭式蛋糕师,当地蛋糕店,咖啡馆面包店等手工制作。
    鉴于有些顾客可能对特定食材过敏,该平台也展示所有产品的成分表。欲知更多详情可登入 。
News content from Nan Yang Daily Newspaper.
Thank you Nan Yang for featuring us ! 

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beautiful and on time delivery

beautiful and on time delivery

The cake tastes really good!

Popcorns on top were great too!

Delivery good. Cake delicious.


Bites size is easy to eat compared to cake size, have to cut and all. The bite just melts in your mouth. I like it and no complain from others I offered it to. However please add more kelapa.

Super delicious!

My family and I loved this cake. It’s moist, full of flavour with surprise salted caramel sauce in the middle layer. The size is also just perfect for us family of 4. Thank you ❤️