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Flor Patisserie

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There is disciplined pleasure in delicious precision, and Flor Patisserie is proof of that. A quaint cake shop located in the charming surroundings of Duxton Hill in Singapore, Flor Patisserie creates delicate, Japanese-styled masterpieces. 

With an experienced attention to detail and a keen eye for fresh ingredients that stray from artificial elements such as preservatives, Flor Patisserie’s head pastry chef, Heidi, who graduated from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in France, creates a very high standard for the brand to exist on by instilling her philosophy into her work to show that good ingredients really do make good products. And judging by the consistent crowd of heavy praisers, she’s succeeded in building a cult following of strong believers.

So what exactly does Flor Patisserie serve? For starters, customers adore its Ice Cheese Tarts, Flor’s signature cream cheese filling baked in assorted flavors such as original, green tea, earl grey, mango, and maple. Soft and light, these salty sweet treats make easy bites for those afternoon breaks. And then there’s the likes of Flor’s Strawberry Souffle, a tantalizing baked cheesecake sandwiched with non-cloying cream and piled high with fresh strawberries, as well as the Kiri Millefeuille, a laborous stacked creation of puff pastry, sponge, pastry cream, and chantilly decorated in strands of French chestnut cream and sweetened Japanese chestnuts. Flor’s creamy and crunchy Earl Grey Choco floods Instagram with mouthwatering moments of sheer desire, and Bara simply exudes romance with its petal-shaped rose cremeux pattern on a base of longan bavarois and sponge cake. Clearly, there’s no shortage of the luxurious desserts in Flor Patisserie.

With two kiosks at Takashimaya and Funan Digitalife Mall and an outlet at Siglap on top of the most popular Duxton shop, Flor Patisserie is set to floor the dessert scene with a bright future of distinguishably fresh, healthy, and most importantly, honest cakes and pastries that aren’t just food for the soul, but better for the body.

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2068 reviews
5 stars for convenience and delightful taste

Love the plentiful options on the website and the ability to order a cake at the last minute is a life saver. Great tasting cake too!

Simply delicious!

The cake was delivered fresh and tasted so so delicious! Will repeat order! Thanks

Light and interesting

The texture and taste of the cake were nice and light, and the coconut and mango combination was interesting and surprising. Good choice if you’re into light cakes.

Delicious but a bit too sweet

I ordered this for my sister’s birthday party and it was a great hit, just that a few people commented it was a bit too sweet. Overall though it was a great choice - will definitely order it again!

A good try and addition to list

Taste right, not too extreme to either side. Suitable for those who'd prefer a milder taste cake.

The cake layer itself can be improved slightly.