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Fluff Bakery

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When a small, inconspicuous shop opened up along Jalan Pisang, passersby would gawk in awe at the consistent queue that curved around the block, wondering what the fluff was all about. Four years later, Fluff Bakery is as popular as ever.

Most commonly known for their cupcakes, Fluff Bakery - started by baker Nursyazanna Syaira as a hobby cum success story – serves wickedly good baked goods that has amassed a cult following in Singapore. Fluff’s cupcake selection includes the likes of Salted Caramel, Nutella Red Velvet, Crème Brulee, and Triple Milo. While all the above might sound like your regular cupcake flavors, what makes Fluff’s cupcakes so amazing are the fact that they’re cored by hand and piped with fillings that ooze out at the bite of each treat. This method not only gives each cupcake just the right balance of cake and filling, but it also keeps the cupcakes moist. The combinations of flavors that Fluff churns out are relentlessly innovative, like a basic chocolate cupcake elevated not just with a peanut butter filling, but a praline cream frosting and caramelized peanuts to boot! Fluff also creates locally inspired cupcakes, Ondeh Ondeh - filled with gula melaka and topped with coconut - being a constant local favorite.

Over the years, Fluff Bakery also started selling a line of signature cakes. The Hazelnut Coffee Milk Chocolate Dacquoise is a coffee lovers’ addiction with that added delicious crunch, and the Thai Milk Tea Tres Leche soaks up three types of aromatic Thai tea-infused milk. The Durian Pengat Mousse cake is an unencumbered composition of sweet and pungent, while the Nutella Liquid Cheesecake is the dream of pure addiction.

Fluff Bakery is located at 4 Jalan Pisang, Singapore 199071.

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